Best Build For Layla in Mobile Legends(Mlbb)

Best Build For Layla in Mobile Legends(Mlbb)

This article will guide you with the Layla build in Mobile Legends, which includes her best items, spells, emblem sets, counters and combo. So, let us continue.

Layla is a very common and well-known marksman in ML that has been around since the beginning of the game. She remains pretty much the same without many changes apart from a mini rework years ago, where they increased the range of her auto attacks and abilities to keep up with all the new marksmen and carries.

Layla is a popular pick in the lower ranks, as she is beginner-friendly. She also has a very high damage scaling and the highest range among all the other marksmen in MLBB. If you are thinking about switching your role and want a marksman to carry games, then Layla is the ideal choice for you.

Layla Combo

Here is the best combo attack of Layla in MLBB:

  • Second Ability>First Ability>Ultimate

Start the combo with her second skill, which slows enemies in an area to land your abilities on them. Then use your first ability skill shot to hit them and followed by your ultimate for maximum damage.

Layla Best Build

Here are the best Mobile Legends items to build Layla a savage marksman in most situations:

Swift boots
Rushing swift boots as the first item provides Layla with movement and attack speed, which are both crucial in the early game.

Scarlet Phantom 
Scarlet phantom provides you with a physical attack, attack speed and crict chance, which all synergy well with Layla. The passive ability grants you extra attack speed and crict chance every time you crict, which is huge.

Windtalker also provides you with a physical attack, attack speed and crict, but instead of granting you extra attack speed and crict chance, its passive allows you to hit up to three enemies with your autos which are helpful in teamfights

Berserkers fury 
Berserkers fury grants you extra attack damage and crict, and its passive grants you more physical damage every time you crict. Its unique passive also gives you with +40% crict chance. So, this is the best Layla build for high damage.

Haas’s claws
Since you require at least one life-steal item to sustain and heal up, having Haas’s claw is the best choice. It grants you a life steal, and its passive grants you extra 15% life steal when you are below 50% health which can come in clutch.

Rose gold meteor 
This MLBB item grants you magic resistance and physical damage, which is ideal for Layla’s build. Its passive grants you a shield when you are below 30% health for extra durability since everyone will be aiming at you.

Layla Emblems:

Layla best emblem set mobile legends

Going marksman emblem grants you +11 physical attack, +2.50% crict chance, +3% physical lifesteal, +5 physical pen, and +5.5% attack speed. So, this emblem set works well with Layla build as the stats are generously high compared to other MLBB emblems.

Layla Spell

To deal with the problem of lack of mobility, Flicker is the best battle spell for Layla in MLBB. However, Inspire is also a good spell on Layla to build her for higher attacks and total damage in ML.

Layla Counters and weakness

Layla has no mobility or dashes, so if she mispositions, she will be in great danger, which is her weakness. She can’t escape the heavy enemy rush, so try not to put yourself in such situations.

Mobile Legends heroes such as Ling, Hayabusa, aldous, Saber and Selena are strong against Layla; therefore, you can pick them to counter her. Similarly, Layla can counter MLBB heroes such as Wanwan, Moskov, Miya, chou, and Balmond without much effort, as they are weak against her.

Layla Best Skin

Layla skin mobile legends

Miss Hikari Layla is the best skin for Layla as it has good skills in animation and voices, and the skill sounds also sound very satisfying. However, this skin is no longer available for sale as it was just for a limited-time event.