MLBB Arlott Best Build, Spell, Emblem, Counter Guide

MLBB Arlott Best Build, Spell, Emblem, Counter Guide

This guide will discuss the best Build, Spell, Emblem, and Counter of Arlott in MLBB, including how to play him. So, let us continue.

Mobile Legends Arlott

Arlott is a fighter/assassin in Mobile Legends, which matches Lancelot due to his dashes and movements while dealing massive damage with his crowd control ability. You can play him mainly in the off-lane, but you can also play Arlott in the jungle. He is relatively hard to play due to his highly demanding mechanics. However, do not be discouraged, as you can master Arlott’s hero in at least 50 games, so keep practising.

You can not start artlotts combo without his passive, as his passive allows him to mark enemies in front of him. It makes it easier for him to cast his skill, and you use his first skill. Make sure that the enemies are at the outer part of the skill. If you land him well, he can dash using his second ability and finish up this combo with your ultimate for maximum damage.

Arlott Best Counters

In Mobile Legends, one of the weaknesses of Arlotts is crowd control and stun. Most of his kit revolves around him dashing multiple times and doing damage, but if he is not allowed to do that, he can not really do well and will be pretty useless.

Arlott gets countered by any ML heroes with reliable crowd control and stuns. In other words, the heroes who can prevent Arlott from moving all over the place and doing damage can kill him. Heroes like Akai, Tigeral, and Franco are good counters of Arlott in Mobile Legends.

Arlotts is strong against heroes with no crowd control, relies on physical attacks and can not catch him. Therefore, Arlott can counter heroes like badang, roger, and Argus in MLBB.

Arlott Best Spells

Petrify is the best spell for Arlott to build in MLBB since it can help reduce the amount of crowd control and stuns. However, you can also play Arlott with execute or sprint, which are good Mobile Legends spells for him. 

Arlott Best Runes in Mobile Legends

Arlott is an assassin hero in ML, so going assassin emblem on him is the best choice. This sequence of emblem points grants you +15 physical attack, +13.50 physical penetration,+2% movement speed,+5% cooldown reduction and +3.50 crict chance, which is perfect for arlott

Arlott Best Build in Mobile Legends

  • Endless battle: 

If you want to build Arlott a Tank in ML, pick endless battle as your first item, as it provides you with everything like True damage passive, health, extra DMG and cooldown.  

  • Warrior boots

This build, Warrior Boots, provides Arlott with armour and durability against physical damage heroes and gives you more sustain.

  • Hunter strike 

Hunter strike provides you with physical penetration and cooldown, and its passive grants you up to 50% movement speed the more you attack targets which allows you to run all over the map being hard to catch.

  • Bloodlust axe

Since most of the arlott damage comes from his abilities; therefore, MLBB build item, bloodlust axe, allows him to have spell vamp and heal off of abilities granting cooldown reduction.

  • Queens wings

Queen’s wings give you flat 1000 health and a 10% cooldown. In addition, whenever you are below 50% health, the passive of the queen’s wings will grant you extra spell vamp, which helps in clutch situations.

  • Dominance ice 

Last item dominance ice is a pretty solid choice as it lowers the attack speed of nearby heroes and reduces their healing regen.