Xavier MLBB: Best Build, Counters, Emblems, play position of this hero

Xavier MLBB: Best Build, Counters, Emblems, play position of this hero

The new hero Xavier has arrived on the MLBB(Mobile Legends) official server on 22 March 2022. Xavier is a super-strong mage, and he performs best as a damage mage, but also you can play him as a support midlaner. He is super useful in the team because of his sets of skills. ML hero Xavier is not that hard to play once you know his skills and how he works.

Guide: All about MLBB Xavier

Xavier skills:

(I) Passive:
Each time Xavier hits an enemy with skill, his skills are enhanced. In the first stage, his skill damage increases to 120%, and in the second stage, his damage increases to 125%. Also, the width of his skill raises.

If we talk about the 3rd stage of passive, the damage dealt by Xavier increases to 130%, and the cooldown reduces by 4 secs.

Finally, in the fourth stage, Xavier reaches the Transcendence state for 5 seconds. While he is in this state, all his skills enhance.

Like ML hero Minotaur, Xavier has a bar beneath his health bar that fills up by one point every time your skills hit an enemy. You can know which stage he is in through this bar. Once all 3 bars are full, and you use a skill, he enters the fourth stage.

(II) First skill:
The first skill of Xavier is called Infinite Extension, in which he fires a Mystic bullet that passes through the enemies.

(III) Second skill:
The second skill of Xavier is called Mystic field, in which he casts a barrier that lasts for 5 seconds, slowing enemies down and increasing allies’ speed that passes through it. Whenever a skill hits this barrier, it will turn into a circle dealing damage and immobilizing the enemies inside the circle.

(IV) Ultimate:
Xavier’s ultimate is called Dawning Light, in which he unleashes a beam of Magic in a specific direction dealing damage to all the enemies in that line. It goes through the entire map like Moscov’s old ultimate. You can enter the Transcendence state directly by using his ultimate.

Xavier Build in ML

As for the best build of Xavier in MLBB, his core items will be an enchanted talisman, lightning truncheon, and holy crystal. So, with this build, Xavier can deal an insane amount of damage in the Mobile Legends battle.

Xavier Build in MLBB: enchanted talisman, lightning truncheon, and holy crystal

Xavier’s best Emblem & Spells in ML

Since Xavier is an MLBB mage that copes well with damage, he is best with the custom mage emblem with the second talent. The second talent is most beneficial while Xavier uses his skills on enemies as it deals extra burn damage to the enemies.

For the best spell of Xavier, you can use the spell flicker or purify or flame shot on him.

Xavier's best Emblem: custom mage emblem with the second talent

How to play Xavier in Mobile Legends?

The best decision is to Play the Xavier in midlane as a mage in ML. You should often rotate to the sidelanes. You are a mage, and just because your damage is insane does not mean you are immortal.

Many other heroes in Mobile Legends can counter Xavier. You must maintain your position well in team fights like at the back of your allies. He is not that tanky.

Xavier Counters in ML

As far as I have seen, MLBB heroes that counter Xavier are Yve, pharsa (because their range of ultimate is Bigger), assassins like ling, Lancelot, gusion, and Karina if they get close to you.