MLBB Aamon Best Build, Spells, Emblems & Counters

MLBB Aamon Best Build, Spells, Emblems & Counters

This MLBB guide includes the best build for Aamon, including his spells, emblems, counters, combos, and skin. So, let us continue.

Mobile Legends Aamon

Aamon is an assassin mage in ML whom you can play in the jungle. Most players do not want to play him in the side laner due to his weak early game. Aamon can lose almost every match if you play him in the side lane; however, when you play him in the jungle, he can easily farm and get gold and exp and carry in the mid to late game.

Aamon is gusion’s brother, which is why he has quite a similar playstyle to gusion. He has everything you would want as a jungler in mobile legends, like tons of poke, healing, mobility, and being very hard to kill.

However, as tempting as this hero might look, playing Aamon is no joke as he is a hard champion to master, and he isn’t really beginner friendly. Therefore, you might need a lot of games to get good at him. However, once you master Aamon, you can easily hard-carry your team and get that sweet rank wins.

Aamon Combos in ML

Aamon combo is pretty straightforward but hard to pull off. You start combo using your first ability, and when you hit an enemy, it will make you invisible, and then you use your second ability and your ultimate at last. Make sure your first ability is fully stacked to do the most damage possible.

Best Spells of Aamon in ML

Since you are playing Aamon in the Mobile Legends jungle, you should always take the retribution spell as it will allow you to farm easily, letting you gain exp and gold without much risk. However, if you are playing Aamon in the side lane for some reason, Execute or Flicker is the best spell for him.

Aamon Counters in ML

One of Aamon’s weaknesses is his early game, but you can play around him smoothly in the jungle. He doesn’t do much damage in the early game, and he only thrives in the mid to late game after he gets 2-3 full items.

Heroes with lots of Aoe Stuns and crowd control can easily counter Aamon in MLBB, such as nana, Akai, and tigeral are the best counters of Aamon.

Aamon is Strong against enemies with no skill shot-based abilities as he can easily dodge them, making him super annoying to deal with. So, in Mobile Legends, Aamon can counter heroes like Karina, zilong, and Aldous as they are weak against him.

Best Build of Aamon in Mobile Legends

The genius wand as your first item is the perfect build for Aamon in MLBB as it provides him with extra movement speed and magic penetration. It also stacks the more you fight. The second item, feather of heaven, is a great choice to build Aamon as it provides extra damage on your autos and grants you stack speed.

The glowing wand will be your third-best build item for Aamon in ML, as this item provides you with more health and durability and burns enemies. Divine glavie also works well with Aamon as it grants you that extra magic penetration that allows you to one-shot squishy champions much easier. Finally, your last item will be a holy crystal to increase your total ability power by a tremendous amount.

Best emblem for Aamon in ML

Here is the best emblem set for Aamon in MLBB, as this focuses on movement speed and magical penetration and deals extra burning damage, which all synergies well with him.

Rarest skin of Aamon in MLBB

The best but rare skin for Aamon is cyber assassin Aamon; however, this skin isn’t available now as it was only for starlight members. However, Aamon has other pretty decent skins, but this is by far the best one.