MLBB Melissa Hero: Her Best Build, Emblem, Spell, and Skills

MLBB Melissa Hero

Melissa is the new hero that has been added to (MLBB)Mobile legends in February 2022. She is a marksman hero who shoots needles at enemies and deals with physical damage. You can purchase this new hero Melissa in the store for 32K BP or (399 diamonds for five days as an offer).

What abilities and skills does Melissa Possess?

Like other heroes in Mobile Lends, Melissa also has the best skills that can help to dominate the battle if used properly.

(I) Passive Skill of Melissa:
Her passive is called Doll Buster which lets her deal 150% damage to minions and summoned units.

(II) 1st skill of Melissa:
Her first skill is also called Falling which is a blink skill. After using this skill, her attack speed increases for 3 seconds.

If muddle/ her second skill is active during this point and you dash. Muddles will also dash in the same direction.

(III) 2nd skill of Melissa:
Her second skill is called Eyes on you. Melissa spawns a doll named Muddle in a particular area, and it links itself towards the enemies, slowing them down.

You can also connect multiple enemies to the doll, and on attacking, the enemies linked with it will receive damage. And to attack muddle, you should press the button below the Basic attack button. The link will break if the enemy moves out of muddles range.

(IV) 3rd skill/ultimate of Melissa:
Her ultimate skill is also known as Go away. She summons a barrier around herself that doesn’t allow enemies to go near her in that radius.

If you move outside the barrier, it will disappear as the barrier doesn’t move with her.

But you can use your first skill to move the barrier alongside you. It also interrupts the movement of the enemies that try to get near her. This ult of Melissa is especially good against melee heroes and assassins.

Best Build, emblem, and spells for Melissa hero in MLBB

Melissa build best with attack speed items, so you should prioritize making the demon hunter sword and scarlet phantom on her first.

Best Build for Melissa in MLBB

You need to spend talent points on attack speed and physical damage. For the best talent, you can choose an electroflash or weakness finder for Melissa.

Best Emblem For Melissa in MLBB

The best emblem for Melissa is Marksman Emblem, and if we talk about the best spell for her, then either the inspire or flicker works best with this new MLBB hero.

How to play Melissa in Mobile Legends?

In MLBB, the best way to play Melissa is to play her in the gold lane. You can start harassing the enemy from the start since she has extra range due to her muddles.

With her, You should play extra aggressively in the early stage of the game. When in a 1v1 against an enemy, try to put muddles down near the enemy and attack them yourself. This way, the enemy receives double damages from you as well as a muddle of Melissa.

Melissa is overly Powerful and extremely broken, so she is banned in almost all ranked matches in Mobile Legends Bang Bang.