How To Build Raiden Shogun in Genshin Impact as a F2P Player?

How To Build Raiden Shogun in Genshin Impact as a F2P Player?

Let us discuss the best way to build Raiden Shogun: Baal to her max potential as a F2P player in Genshin Impact.

Who is Raiden shogun, and what role does she play in a party in GI?

Raiden Shogun is an electro character in Genshin Impact, and she is also the archon of Inazuma. She is a party that can play the role of both a DPS and a Sub DPS, and she is the second archon of Inazuma after Makuto.

So, As a new player, Raiden can play a big role in defeating enemies of the higher levels if she is well build by giving her F2P signature weapon.

The original Raiden Shogun(EI) resides at the Plane of Euthymia while letting her puppet that she created the daily affairs of the nation.

Best ways to build Raiden Shogun: Baal in Genshin Impact

1. Give her best in slot weapon- (The Catch)

Genshin Impact Best in slot weapon- (The Catch)

The Raiden Shogun’s signature weapon is Engulfing Lightning, but as a F2P Genshin player, her best-in-slot weapon is The Catch. At level 1, its base attack is 42, and its sub stat is 10% energy recharge.

Its passive refinement rank 1 increases elemental burst damage by 16% and crit rate by 6%. You can get the catch from the Inazuma fishing association.

So, to get the catch, you need 6 raimei angelfish,20 golden koi, and 20 rusty koi, and to get Ako’s sake vessel which is the refinement material for the catch, you will need 3 raimei angelfish,10 pufferfish, and 10 bitter pufferfish per 1 ako’s sake vessel. So, You can get a total of 4 ako’s sake vessels.

Therefore, giving Raiden the best weapon slot(Catch) is the best way to increase her strength and ability.

2. Provide her emblem of severed fate artifact with good stats

The best artifact set currently available for her is the emblem of severed fate, which gives:
(i) 2pc bonus: 20%+ energy recharge
(ii) 4pc bonus: Increases elemental burst dmg by 25% energy recharge.

So, You know, In an artifact set, there are flowers, feathers, sands, goblets, and circlets, and the stats for these are HP, ATK, ER%, Electro DMG Bonus, and Crit Rate/Dmg, whichever you need in the end. Higher the ER%, the more damage she can give to the enemies. So, to build Build Raiden Shogun: Baal in Genshin Impact, give her emblem of severed fate artifact with good stats.

3. Ascend and level her up to level 85-90

The higher the level of a character, the more damage they deal. So, to ascend and level up Raiden Shogun to lvl 85-90, you will need these materials:
(i) 46 storm beads(Defeat electro manifestation),
ii) 1 vajrada amethyst silver,
(iii) 9 vajrada amethyst fragments,
(iv) 9 vajrada amethyst chunk,
(v) 6 vajrada amethyst gemstone,

(vi) 168 tenkumo fruit,
(vii) 18 old handguards,
(viii) 30 kageuchi handguards,
(ix) 36 famed handguards,
(x) Finally, 414 Heros’ wit and almost 2 million more.

Her ascension passive stat is ER%. So, try to level up Raiden Shogun to 85-95 in Genshin Impact to build up her ability Powerful as a F2P player.

4. Level up a talent of Raiden Shogun: Baal

The talent level is also essential to give higher damage output. So, in the context of Raiden Shogun, you should focus more on her elemental burst(Q) and then on her Elemental skill(E).

So, In Genshin Impact, to increase the talent level of Raiden Shogun from 1 to 90, you will need these materials:
(i) 9 teachings of light,
(ii) 63 guides of light,
(iii) 114 philosophies of light which you can obtain Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday

(iv) 18 old handguards,
(v) 66 kageuchi handguard,
(vi) 93 famed handguards,
(vii) 3 crowns of insight,
(viii) finally, 18 molten moments (weekly boss material dropped from La Signora) and almost 5 million more.