Genshin Impact AlHaitham Build Guide: 2023

Genshin Impact AlHaitham

AlHaitham Introduction 

AlHaitham is a gacha character in Genshin Impact that you can obtain through the event banner. He is a five-star rarity character. He is a dendro vision character who uses a sword as his weapon.

Abilities of AlHaitham

AlHaithama plays the field dendro damage dealer role, so you want him to be on the field most of the time.

1. Normal attack: AbductiveReasoning (NA)

AlHaitham performs up to 5 rapid strikes. In charge attack, he unleashes 2 rapid sword attacks.

2. Elemental skill (Universality: An Elaboration on Form)
Elemental skill of AlHaitham in Genshin Impact

When AlHaitham unleashes his Elemental skill, he does rush attack, he will generate one Chisel-light mirror. If there is no mirror, he will gain an additional mirror which will change his Normal, charge, and plunging attack into Dendro damage. AlHaitham’s mirror unleashes a projection attack which also deals AoE Dendro damage based on the number of mirrors.

  • He can gain 3 Chisel-light mirrors at once.
  • The Chisel-light mirror will disappear one after another over time and disappear when he leaves the field.
3. Elemental Burst (Particular Field: Fetters of phenomena)
Elemental Brust of AlHaitham in Genshin

On unleashing an elemental burst, Al Haitham creates a particular binding field and deals with multiple instances of AoE Dendro damage. If Chisel-light mirrors exist when this ability unleashes, all such mirrors deplete and increase the number of damage instances. 2s after this ability, if 0/1/2/3 Mirrors will be consumed, he will generate 3/2/1/0 new Mirrors in turn. The burst of AlHaitham in Genshin Impact is quite expensive, costing 70 energy.

4. Passive talent: Four-Casual Correction

When AlHaitham uses charged or plunge attack on the enemy, it generates 1 Chisel-light mirror. He can trigger this passive talent once every 12 seconds. 

5. Passive talent: Mysteries Laid Bare 
Passive talent of AlHaitham

Each point of Al haitham’s Elemental Mastery will increase the damage dealt by projection attacks and Particular Field: Fetters of phenomena by 0.1%. The damage to both abilities increases by 100% max.

Talent upgrade priority for AlHaitham in Genshin

The main source of his damage output is his elemental skill, so you want to prioritize that first, then prioritize his normal attacks, and finally, his elemental burst. 

  • Elemental skill> Normal Attack>Elemental Burst

Al Haitham’s Best Artifacts in Genshin

Before talking about his artifact build, AlHaitham is a Genshin character who scales off from attack and Elemental mastery, which determines which type of artifact brings the most out of him. So, here are the best artifacts for the AlHaitham build in Genshin Impact:

1. Gilded Dreams (4-piece set): 

His Elemental skill and elemental burst scale from Elemental Mastery and attack, but due to his passive skill, and he can gain damage from Elemental Mastery, you can use a 4-piece set of Gilded Dreams. This artifact increases the Elemental Mastery of AlHaitham and his attack. As for offensive stats, you can use Gilded Dreams as his best artifact set.

2. Elemental mastery (2-piece 2-piece set): 

You can also give him a 2-piece set of Gilded dreams Wanderer’s Troupe or Flower of Paradise Lost, as this artifact set gives Al Haitham a total elemental mastery of 180, which is best as a second option.

3. Deepwood Memories (4-piece set): 

As a dendro DPS character, Al Haitham can use this artifact as it gives a 15% dendro damage bonus as a 2-piece. In a 4-piece, it will decrease the opponent’s dendro resistance by 30%, which is also a better option. But it is not viable due to his playstyle, which you will talk about later in the next section. 

AlHaitham’s Artifact stats and sub-stats priority 

As for the AlHaitham’s sands, prioritize the one with elemental mastery, and for the goblet, you want the dendro damage bonus cup. As for the circlet, you want crit rate or crit damage, depending on your stats. 

You want the artifacts sub-stats to our priorities as the crit damage and crit rate must be our first priority, the second priority you want to give to elemental mastery, and the third should be at attack%, then energy recharge. 

AlHaitham’s Best Weapon in Genshin Impact

For the weapon section, AlHaitham’s signature weapon, Light of Foliar Incision, is the best slot for him. This weapon gives a lot of crit damage, and the sub-stats of this weapon increase more damage of a normal attack and elemental skill by 120% of elemental mastery. 

For the second weapon option for AlHaitham, you can go for primordial Jade Cutter, which is a 5-star weapon in Genshin Impact as it gives you a lot of crit rate. It is best if you don’t have his signature weapon.

Best 5-star weapon for AlHaitham in Genshin Impact

You can go for a Misplitter Reforged, a great 5-star weapon for the Al Haitham build. Its significant stat is crit damage which comes in handy if you don’t have his signature weapon.

You have Harana Geppaku Futsu, another best 5-star weapon choices for AlHaitham in Genshin. It gives you a crit rate as the main stats, which will also come in handy.

You use Freedom-sworn, a 5-star weapon, as its main stats. It gives an extra 10% attack to your all-party member, but you might want to give it to your support character as they benefit more than Al Haitham 

As for the options for 4-star weapons, you can use Toukabou Shigure for AlHaitham, as it was an event weapon that was given for free.

Best 4-star weapon for AlHaitham in Genshin

As for the best F2P weapon for Al Haitham, you can use Harbinger of Dawna. It gives you a lot of crit damage and crit rate if your character hp is over 90% if you are using Al Haitham with Zhongli, which is also a great option.

Harbinger of Dawn Genshin Impact sword

AlHaitham Weapon Ranking

Weapon% of Damage
Light of Foliar Sanction128.3%
Primordial Jade Cutter119.75
Misplitter Reforged115.5%
Harana Geppaku Futsu113.4%
Harbinger of Dawn R5(over 90% hp)112.6%
Freedom sworn105.9%
Toukabou Shigure102.8%

This test was done in a team of Al Haitham/Naida/Kuki/Yelan. 

Al Haitham’s best Team composition in Genshin Impact

For the best team compo of Al Haitham, you will need one dendro support for him and an electro character. The last spot is flexible so you can use Zhongli or an Anemo character to group enemies or a hydro like Yelan and Xingqiufor off support.

The best team composition you can have with Al Haithamis in Genshin is:

(i). Al Haitham Naida Kuki Yelan: This team allows you to do hyper bloom, Naida can apply dendro more, and Kuki does hyper bloom and healing.

(ii). You can use Yae Miko, Beidou, or Fischl instead of Kuki. As for Naida, you can use Yaoyao, Dendro traveler, or Collei. You can use Kokomi instead of Yelan, or Xingqiu.

(iii). As for the last spot, you can always choose a healer or any other character depending on your demand.

Here are some team compositions you can try for Genshin Impact AlHaitham character:

Hyper Bloom team 

Aggravate team

Hyper Bloom Team

Bloom team (The last slot is flexible)

Burgeon team (The last slot is flexible)

How to play AlHaitham in Genshin impact?

Al Haitham gains 3 mirrors when you use his burst, so don’t forget to use it. As the mirror has a massive damage multiplier at 3 stacks, use it as long. As Al Haitham gains 3 mirrors at first, spam his normal attack for 4 seconds as his mirror takes 4 seconds to disappear. Then use his charge attack or Elemental skill to get the mirror stack full again. After that, spam your normal attack for 4 seconds and use your Elemental skill or charge attack, which you have not used previously. So, by playing Al Haitham that way, you can get maximum performance in the game.