Kazuha Build Genshin Impact: 2023 Guide

Kazuha Genshin Impact

Kaedehara Kazuha is a five-star gacha character in Genshin Impact that you can obtain through an event banner, and he is an Anemo vision character who uses a sword as his weapon. He is a character with role of Anemo support who buffs other characters’ Elemental DMG. Kazuha plays the role of an Anemo support character in Genshin Impact who scales off Elemental Mastery, so you want to have a lot of Elemental Mastery on him, which is the best option for him as a support build.

Abilities and Skills of Kazuha in Genshin Impact

Kazuha’s Normal attack: Garyuu Bladework

He performs up to 5 rapid strikes. In charged attack, he unleashes 2 rapid sword attacks.

Kazuha’s Elemental Skill: Chihayaburu

When Kazuha uses his Elemental skill, he pulls objects and opponents toward him before launching opponents within the AoE dealing Anemo DMG. Then he lifts himself into the air. After using his Elemental Skill for 10s in the air, he can unleash a powerful Plunging attack known as Midare Ranzan.

Elemental Burst: Kazuha Slash

When Kazuha’s Elemental Burst is released, he deals a single strike which deals with Anemo DMG. Then he leaves autumn Whirlwind, which deals with AoE Anemo DMG periodically to opponents within its range.

Kazuha’s Elemental Absorption

If Autumn Whirlwind comes into contact with Hydro/Pyro/Electro/Cyro, it will deal additional Elemental DMG of that type. It will occur only with one element once per use.

Kazuha’s Passive talent: Soumon Swordsmanship 

If Kazuha’s Elemental skill comes in contact with Hydro/Pyro/Electro/Cyro, it will absorb that element and deals an additional 200% ATK.

Kazuha’s Passive talent: Poetics of Fuubutsu

When Kazuha triggers a Swirl reaction, he will grant all party members a 0.04% Elemental DMG Bonus to the Element absorbed by a swirl of Elemental Mastery he has for 8s.

Genshin Impact Kaedehara Kazuha Build Guide:

Talent upgrade priority for Kazuha in Genshin Impact

  • Elemental skill>Elemental Burst>Normal Attack

The main source of his support comes from his Elemental Skill output, so prioritize it first, then prioritize his Elemental Burst, then his Normal at the end.

Kazuha’s Best Artifacts in Genshin 

As Kazuha scales off Elemental Mastery, you want to make sure he has a lot of Elemental Mastery points in his Artifacts as it brings the most out of him. Here are the best artifacts for Kazuha build in Genshin Impact:

  1. Viridescent Venerer(4): This is the best artifact set for Kazuha as a supporting character. It gives him a 15% Anemo DMG Bonus as a 2-piece set and in the 4-piece set as it increases his swirl DMG by 60% and decreases opponent Elemental RES by 40%.
  2. Elemental mastery (2-piece 2-piece set): You can also give him a 2-piece set of Gilded dreams wanderer’s Troupe or Flower of Paradise Lost as it gives a total elemental mastery of 180, which is great as a second option.

Kazuha’s Artifact stats and sub-stats priority in Genshin Impact

As for the Kazuha sands, you want to prioritize the one with Elemental Mastery. For the goblet, you want to have an Elemental Mastery, and as for the circlet, you also want to have Elemental Mastery.

As for the artifacts sub-stats of Kazuha, our priorities are Elemental Mastery and Energy recharge.

Kazuha’s Best Weapon in Genshin Impact

As for the best weapon for Kazuha, you want to have a Weapon whose main stat is Elemental Mastery. His best slot weapon is Freedom-Sworn, as it has really Elemental Mastery as its main stats. Its sub-stats increases normal, charged, and plunging attack by 16% and gives 20% ATK to all party members, which is really good for a support character.

best weapon of kazuha in Genshin Impact

For a second option, you want to give Kazuha the best 4-star weapon, Iron Sting, which provides him Elemental Mastery as his main stats, and it also increases his Elemental DMG, which is really a good option for his build in Genshin Impact.

Best 4-star weapon of Kazuha in Genshin Impact

If you are lacking Energy recharge, you can give Kazuha a Favonius Sword, which is really useful due to its stats as it gives your party a lot of Energy Recharge.

You can pick Sacrificial sword for Kazuha, which is a really great 4-star weapon for him. It gives you a good amount of Energy Recharge at the same time. It reset the cooldown for Elemental Skill, due to which you can use his Elemental Skill 2 times which is really great.

If you want to build Kaedehara Kazuha to do a little bit of personal DMG, you can give him Kagotsurube Isshin, a free weapon you can get from Kazuha story mode. It increases your character ATK by 15% every time you hit an opponent with it, which can be triggered in every 8s.

How to Play Kazuha?

Kazuha is an easy character to play in Genshin Impact. So, to get the most out of him, you want to swirl an Element using his Elemental Skill and use his burst, and you can switch him using your main DPS character.

Kazuha’s Best Team composition in Genshin Impact

Kazuha is the most flexible character due to his nature. You can use him on almost any team, as there is no restriction on his play style.

Kazuha cannot fit in a team that consists of Geo and Dendro as he cannot swirl them, so if there is any team with more than 2 Dendro or Geo characters, don’t pick it.

So, Here are some team compositions you can use to build Kazuha more active in Genshin:

Best team comp of Kazuha in Genshin Impact

In this team, you can use Kazuha to buff the DMG of almost all characters.

Hyper Raiden team: You want your Kazuha to swirl Electro in this team.

Best Team of Kazuha in Genshin

Reverse Melt team: As Kazuha Elemental Burst applies Pyro for a long period, you can use your Ganyu to reverse melt which deals a lot of damage.