MLBB Akai Best Build, Emblems, Counters, and Combo

MLBB Akai Best Build, Emblems, Counters, and Combo

This Guide is about the best Akai Build in MLBB, including his core emblems, counters, combo, and best skin. So, let us continue.

Mobile Legends Akai: Best Combos and How to play him?

Akai is a tanky hero in Mobile Legends that you can play as a secondary support, and he thrives in this role due to his insane durability and his ability to soak up all damage without taking much damage. He is also a great team fights starter.

Akai is known for having one of the most annoying deals with ultimate, which completely disables any enemy hero. He is also an easy hero to play and the best pick for a new player who wants the tank to play for the team.

Akai has a pretty straightforward combo in MLBB- knocking up the enemies by dashing into them using his second ability, which knocks them up for some time, followed by his first ability, which slows enemies in an area around him and uses his ultimate and stuns enemies near a terrain or wall.

Best Spells of Akai in ML

Flicker is one of the best spells for Akai in Mobile Legends to get the extra mobility so you can position yourself better to cast your ultimate. However, you can also pick Petrify spell for him to get more crowd control on top of your ultimate.

Best Builds of Akai in ML

The cursed helmet is the perfect first MLBB build item for Akai due to the extra damage to nearby enemies and extra health and magic resistance. Guardian helmet as your second item will give you tons of health and allow you to regen your health while out of combat.

To deal with all the annoying marksman damage and fighter damage, you must use blade armor build item on Akai. It will give you tons of armor and reflect damage back to those enemies every time they attack you. Also, this build item provides Akai with critical damage reduction, which is also a good thing to make him tanky.

Radiant armor as your fourth item will give you tons of magic resist, which stacks. Finally, your last item will be immorality to revive if you die, which can be super clutch for those late-game fights where any teamfight can decide the game outcome.

Best Emblem of Akai in ML

It is the ideal emblem build for Akai in MLBB as this provides you with extra health, and cooldown and also grants you up every time you apply crowd control to enemy heroes.

Akai Counters in ML

Heroes that deal tons of true damage or heroes that can stun akai from a safe distance can counter Akai in Mobile Legends, and such heroes are valir, Karrie, and diggie. Valir can stop Akai’s engagement, and Karrie can easily shred akai as she deals tons of damage. Finally, diggie ultimate makes akai ultimate and crowd controls useless.

Akai counters all heroes with no mobility or any form of the dash. Akai is strong against any MLBB hero that can’t get away from akai engagement and crowd control. If you see that the enemy team has no mobility heroes, then be sure to pick up akai and get the free win.

Best Skin of Akai in ML

Summer party akai is the best and rare skin for akai as it is the most known and iconic. You see all the top players who play akai using this skin as this skin has very clean animations and feels smooth to use.