Weakest heroes in MLBB- Think before you Pick

Weakest heroes in MLBB- Think before you Pick

In Mobile Legends(MLBB), some heroes are extremely overpowered that they have to be banned in ranked games, and some are weakest that nobody ever picks them.

In this article, I will tell you which are the worst heroes in MLBB, for which you should think twice before picking them. Also, I will explain the reason why they are the worst in the game.

Top 5 Weakest MLBB Heroes

1. Hanabi

Weakest MLBB Hero: Hanabi

Hero with no mobility skills like dashes and blinks is called the weakest hero in Mobile Legends. Especially Marksmen, who have low health. Hanabi is the strongest marksman in the late game, and it is True as her damage and attack speed become very high. However, the problem is that Hanabi is very vulnerable. Any assassin or fighter can solo her if she faces a 1v1 situation.

She is an easy target for assassins and fighters and even mages. If there is no tank to protect her, she won’t be contributing well to the team. Players dislike to pick her very often in ranked games. She is even despised if she gets picked in ranked games as trolls. That is why Hanabi is one of the worst heroes in Mobile Legends, and players dislike playing her in special events and missions.

2. Hilda

Weakest MLBB Fighter hero: Hilda

Hilda is a fighter tank/fighter hero. You can play her either as a tank or an offlaner fighter. The thing is, she is not good at both roles. Hilda is not very durable like other tanks, and she doesn’t have CC skills.

As a fighter, Hilda doesn’t deal enough damage unless you have full stacks, and she is weak against the current MLBB heroes. She is easy to deal with if you keep her out of her range. She has three skills that require the enemy to be right in front of her.

In MLBB, you will rarely see Hilda in ranked games as she is the oldest hero that needs a revamp of her weak skills.

3. Terizla

Terizla: MLBB(Mobile Legends) Hero

Terizla is another fighter hero who is weakest in comparison to other fighters in Mobile Legends. Players mainly play him in the exp lane, and he is a good fighter and extremely tanky, but the main flaw in Terizla is his attack animation speed.

His every skill has slow attack animations that take a while a full hit. It gives a lot of time for the enemies to escape easily. The opponent can kill him effortlessly by a stun or rage attack. So, because of these ability issues, most players see Terizla as the worst fighter in MLBB.

4. Gord

Gord Hero in Mobile Legends

A least used mage. He deals good damage, but he is a very easy target for other heroes. Gord is the worst hero in comparison to other mages.

Only his ult deals good damage, but it is effortless to dodge. Without a tank protecting him, he is food for other heroes. In short-range, he can do very little against heroes, and this is why most players call him the weakest mage of MLBB(Mobile Legends).

5. Vexana

MLBB Vexana

Vexana is the oldest mage of mobile legends. She is like a marksman, and she is very weak in the early game.

She needs her Key items like the Clock of destiny, winter truncheon, and glowing wand to start dealing damage. Without these items, she is powerless.

Before Vexana gets her items, her damage and Waves Clear are less. Mages are supposed to be strong in the early to mid-game, where they have to Gank other lanes and help teammates successfully. Due to her low damage without the items, she is not that good hero, and she is extremely vulnerable.

That is why Vexana is on the list of worst MLBB heroes who needs a revamp as soon as possible.

(In conclusion, these heroes in the list are weakest based on their pick in ranked games and the mechanics/ability of the hero)