How to increase Emblem Level in MLBB Fast?

How to increase Emblem Level in MLBB Fast?

In this article, I will explain the best way to level up the MLBB emblem so that you can increase the strength of your best hero.

What is Mobile Legends emblem?

The emblem is armor, or you can say a blessing created in the game that increases the specific attribute of the hero. These Attributes include physical/magic lifesteal, HP, attack speed, movement speed, physical/magic penetration, etc.

There are currently 9 emblems in Mobile legends, and they are:
(I) Common physical emblem,
(II) Common magic emblem,
(III) Custom tank emblem,
(IV) Custom jungle emblem,
(V) Custom assassin emblem,
(VI) Custom mage emblem,
(VII) Custom fighter emblem,
(VIII) Custom support emblem,
(IX) And custom marksman emblem.

You can equip any of the nine emblems on the hero to give him plus points. You can customize or increase the attribute you want on that particular emblem.

Also, every MLBB emblem has 3 talents that provide different functions, among which you can only choose one, and you will need to level up your emblem to a certain level before getting all 3 of the talents.

How to increase your emblem level in MLBB?

The more the level of your emblem, the better stats it gives you.
So, the fastest way to level up your emblem is to focus on only one first. Firstly, decide which emblem you like most and focus on that until it becomes max.

So you should save your money and magic dust for the particular emblem first.

Magic dust is another item in Mobile Legends that you can use specifically for increasing the emblem level. To upgrade emblems, you will need emblem fragments. If you don’t have enough emblem fragments, you can use the purple dust called magic dust. You should save these up for one emblem specifically first.

(I) You can obtain Magic dust from chests and mentor benefit points in MLBB to increase the emblem level quickly.

(II) Also, you can level up emblems in Mobile legends using emblem fragments that you can obtain from the shop. You will get one spin for free every 76 hours. Since the tickets are somewhat useless, you can use them to spin in the shop.

There are various featured emblems at different times. So, you have to wait for the emblem you want to level up first and spend your tickets or BP to spin. You can also gain emblem fragments from different events on the events page


  • Which is the best emblem to max out first in Mobile Legends?

The main MLBB emblem you should max out first is the custom assassin emblem. The assassin emblem works for various roles, such as marksmen, fighters, and assassins.

Assassin Emblem in MLBB(Mobile Legends)

This emblem provides you with extra physical penetration and physical damage. After you level up the custom assassin emblem, you can either max out the custom support emblem or the custom mage emblem in MLBB.

  • What is the maximum level of Emblem in Mobile Legends?

The max level for any emblem is 60. It can take time to upgrade the level of all emblems at once, so you should play MLBB consistently and focus on one until it reaches the highest level.