How to play the Jungler in MLBB to win the battle?

How to play the Jungler in MLBB to win the battle?

Here I will give you the tips to play with Jungler in Mobile Legends(MLBB) so that you can win the battle like a pro.

A jungler is also known as the hyper in MLBB, plays a vital role in the fight. The entire pace and outcome of the game depend upon how the jungler performs in the match.

Mostly the Assassins, Fighters, and Marksman play the role of Jungler in Mobile legends. Usually, the MLBB match has one jungler who farms gold by killing the creeps in the jungle, and the jungler equips the spell retribution that helps deal more damage to the jungle.

Also, the retribution deals a certain amount of damage to monsters used for last-hitting creeps. Assassins and fighters have good early game damage, so they are a perfect fit to be junglers. Now, let us come to the point.

Top 5 tips to play the jungler in MLBB.

1. The enemy will try to delay you or steal your buff.

playing the jungler in MLBB

A jungler is the best part of the victory in Mobile legends(MLBB), so if the jungler is delayed or dominated from the early game, the game is as good as lost. In higher rank lobbies, the enemy will always try to invade your jungle, steal your buffs or delay it. So you must ask your tank to help you take both buffs first.

You, as the jungler role, should also be able to deal the last hit to the creep with your retribution spell. With the mindset that your enemy can invade you, you can play safely from the start and play well for the rest of the game.

2. Keep ganking lanes and get kills.

As the hyper is the carry for the team, he is the one who needs money to buy items in MLBB. Killing opponents can give you bulks of gold, and items make the hero stronger and powerful.

So it is necessary that the hyper looks for kills and gank other lanes to get the kills and also kill the golden crab that spawns on both sides of the map to get more gold. So, getting a sufficient amount of kills will make the game easier to win for your team in Mobile legends.

3. Prioritize Objectives:

How to Jungle in MLBB Screenshot

Getting kills is important in MLBB but getting kills doesn’t mean you win the battle. Your main mission is to destroy the enemy base by destroying their turrent, and other objectives are taking the turtle and the turtle.

You must always be there to secure the turtle and lord kill. Since you have the most damage against it and you have the retribution, you should be there, the lord and turtle spawn. You must utilize your time by jungling, killing enemies, helping in destroying the current, and killing the lord and turtle.

4. You are the main target:

MLBB Jungler gameplay Screenshot

Remember, as Jungler, you are the one who carries the game, so obviously, you are the one who gets targeted the most. During team fights and when the alone enemy will try to focus on you first.

They will use their skills to kill you first. So you must proceed in a team fight by keeping your safety first. If you die, your team has a higher chance of losing the game. So you can use your tank to soak up the enemy skills and ultimate, and this is how you should Jungle in MLBB(Mobile Legends).

5. Never give up :

Sometimes when you play, you may have bad teammates and a bad start, like when the enemy keeps invading your buff and doesn’t let you jungle, and they keep dominating your team.

The one thing you should do as an MLBB jungler is- play the match patiently-Don’t go after kills greedily-wait for the right time.

You are the carry, and if you give up, your teammates will give up. You may get a chance when the enemy throws the game, and you can capitalize on that. Until the moment comes, you must keep your farm relatively high.

Finally, I want to say these are the main things you must keep in mind to dominate the battle if you are playing as a jungler in MLBB.

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