Invoker hero in Dota 2: His Ability and skills

Invoker hero in Dota 2: His Ability and skills

Carl, better known as The Invoker, is a ranged intelligence hero in the Dota 2 roster known to be one of the hardest heroes to master in the game. He is a most flexible and versatile hero who is best for carry, ganker, pusher, initiator, and surprisingly even support.

He has 14 abilities that he can spam to perform some best combo wombos, but he has four best qualities that allow him to combine those and unlock other abilities. Invoker is a powerful wizard in Dota 2 who is fun to play and learn.

Skills of Invoker hero in Dota 2

These are the super skills of Invoker that help him to dominate the battle:

1) Quas(Q)
It allows the hero to manipulate ice-related elements, also provides him with increment in health regeneration.


2) Wex(W)
This ability allows the Invoker to control storm elements and gives him attack and movement speed.


3) Exort(E)
This ability grants the power to control fire elements and provides attack damage.


4) Invoke
It is the Invokers’ ultimate, and it allows him to combine all elements to create another new spell. Also, it helps him to use another 10 skills.


These are the skills Invoker equips for the battle, but there are 10 more that are the byproduct of those 4 skills. These are the products that make him a threat on the battlefield.

What are the best spells for Invoker Hero in Dota 2?

Invoker in Dota 2
1. EMP(W/W/W)

Invoker builds electromagnetic energy, which detonates after some time. It drains the mana of the enemy hero and gives it to Invoker.

2. Tornado(Q/W/W)

Invoker unleashes a tornado that knocks the enemies in its path and suspends them in the air.

3. Alarcity(W/W/E)

Invoker gives a surge of increased damage and attack speed to his allies, depending upon the level of Wex and Exort.

4. Ghost Walk(Q/Q/W)

Carl makes himself invisible to roam around the battlefield for a better advantageous position or to gank the enemies. However, he becomes slow and slows down the enemies who come near him.

5. Deafening Blast(Q/W/E)

It damages the enemies, knocks them back, and disarms them for a few seconds with a sonic wave.

6. Chaos Meteor(W/E/E)

It is one of his coolest skills by which he pulls burning meteors from outer space. It deals damage to the enemies additionally burns them for a while to further inflict damage.

7. Cold Snap(Q/Q/Q)

Invoker pulls all the heat from the targets’ bodies and chills them from the inside. They will take damage and be briefly frozen. When frozen, takes bonus damage.

8. Ice Wall(Q/Q/E)

Creates a wall of ice in a designated area which slows the enemies down and it deals damage each second the enemies are in contact.

9. Forge Spirit(Q/E/E)

Invoker summons a spirit made up of fire and ice, which penetrates and reduces the enemy’s armor. He can spawn 2 such creatures when the skills are at max level.

10. Sunstrike

Last but not least is sunstrike. Invoker sends a ray of the enemy directly from the sun, which lands on the earth. After that, it damages all the enemies hit by it.

These are all the abilities that an invoker has. Seeing the sheer number of the skills alone makes you believe that Invoker is very hard to play the hero in Dota 2.

Finally, the best Spell combo for Invoker in Dota 2 is Tornade+EMP+Cold Snap, Forge Spirit+Cold Snap+Sunstrike, Tornade+Chaos Meteor+Deafening Blast, Chaos Meteor+Deafening Blast.

For starters, It is better to master the combos of Quas and Exort first. Then, you can move on to combine Wex with them. Give your time and work to this hero and he will surely bring results.