Best Marksman heros in MLBB(Mobile legends) – Top 5

Best Marksman heros in MLBB(Mobile legends) - Top 5

Marksman(MM) heroes are usually squishy, so if you make a wrong move or lose focus in the game, even for a second, you are bound to become prey for the enemies. Nevertheless, it is a popular and flexible role. So, I have sorted out some of the Powerful Marksman heros in Mobile legends(MLBB) that you can use in the current meta, especially in the higher ranks. Why higher ranks? Because they are more experienced and reasonable.

Top 5 Marksman heros for higher rank in MLBB(Mobile legends)

1) Yi Sun-shin

Yi Sun-shin MLBB

On the top of the leaderboards, we have Yi Sun-shin, a very flexible and overpowered marksman in MLBB. Unlike another marksman, he has a unique set of skills and carries two different weapons.

His first skill allows him to dash and slash through, using a glaive, while also being immune to CC (Crowd Control). OP marksman, right?

As for his second skill, he stretches his bow and shoots an arrow towards the target. However, his ultimate is quite different. He launches three consecutive waves of cannon attacks with the help of his naval fleet precisely to where the enemies lie.

In addition to that, he also owns a turtle ship that forms itself if you use it. This process is recurring but also requires some time. It assists him with his movement speed, and he can even toss it towards the enemy to get them stunned for some period. Players prefer using him as a hyper rather than an offlane marksman(MM) hero in the mobile legends(ML).

2) Clint

Clint MLBB- A best marksman hero

Ever since the revamp, Clint has been shining exponentially in the meta. The frequency of picking Clint as a marksman role has increased drastically. He is a gunner and uses a pistol as his weapon. Clint performs the best role as a marksman in MlBB to prove he is overpowered among all heros.

His first skill fires a set of bullets, and it deals a lot of damage even without any possession of items which gives him an advantage during the early phase of the fight in ml. Similarly, the second skill allows him to shoot a trap net forward while making him jump towards the back a little. The enemy gets immobilized if they get trapped.

Now, as for his ultimate, he fires a single bullet towards the target capable of dealing massive damage. Most mobile legends(ML) players use Clint as an offlaner, but you can even choose him as hyper marksman if you prefer.

3) Brody

Brody MLBB

Until recently, Brody could not use items to enhance his attack speed, but now he can freely use attack speed items to boost his attack speed.

His first skill launches a shock wave in the designated direction that allows him to slow the enemies. The second skill helps Brody to dash towards the enemy and then stun them for a short time.

Moreover, his third skill launches numerous shock waves and damage targets around him to a specific range. Also, his ultimate skill’s damage varies depending on the stacks he has marked the enemies with. The Brody as a marksman hero is best for both hyper and offlaner in MLBB.

4) Betatrix

Betatrix MLBB

Even after the nerf, Beatrix still manages to hold her position on the ML leaderboard. She might be the only hero to carry 4 different weapons.

Betatrix can use 2 weapons taking turns, and she has to wait for a while if she wishes to switch to another weapon. Each of her skills as a marksman deals very High damage, and thus she can easily dominate one VS one lane in the MLBB battle.

Moreover, this does not mean that she does not help GANK though. Betatrix also possesses weapons that can affect a wide range and make her MLBB a Powerful marksman, even for the mid-support role.

5) Natan

Natan MLBB

Last but not least, Natan has been popular among players ever since his debut in MLBB. His first skill is nothing special but his second and third skills are quite OP(overpowered).

The second skill of Natan launches a ball-like gravitational attracter responsible for knocking back the enemies when hit. As for his ultimate skill, he summons a so-called reverse clone to parallel to him that copies his every move in a reverse manner, and he can even switch his position with his clone but just for once.

By the way, not to miss out on the best point, Natan deals magic damage. Players can either choose to play him as hyper, support, or offlaner in the ML.

So, the mentioned Heros are the strongest MM(marksman) to win the Mobile legends(MLBB) matches in the higher rank.