How to change voice in Free fire for fun?

How to change voice in Free fire for fun?

In this article, you will know how to change your voice in Free fire to have more fun without using any other applications.

The Garena free fire has unlimited content that attracts the payers to play more. Also, the game brings new events frequently that reward the players with many new surprises if they complete the objectives.

Furthermore, players can enjoy the gameplay in different maps and modes by equipping their best weapon, bundles, and dresses.

Moreover, a player can alter their voice in the game to have more fun. Players can do pranks with their friends, teammates even enemies by changing their voice to a funny sound.

So, the question is can I change my voice in FF without using third-party applications?

So, the answer is yes. No need to use other applications to make your voice funny.

Nowadays, every mobile has a safe Pre-Installed app that provides many features to the gamer.

How to change voice in Free fire

Firstly, check out if your device has a game turbo application. This app not only gives an option to change voice in Free Fire, but also the player can record the gameplay and many more.

The player can select different voices they want, such as man, girl, woman, robot, cartoon.

If you are a male player, you can alter a girl’s voice to prank and vice versa.

So, if you have a game turbo in the system, then here are steps to convert your original voice into funny.

Step 1:- Launch the Free fire game.

Step 2:- Slide on the top right corner to get the menu of the game turbo. Here you will see some options like WhatsApp, Facebook, video recorder, and others.

Step 3:- Tap on the down arrow button to get more features, including a voice changer.

Step 4:- Now, tap on Voice changer and select the best one you want to try.

How to change voice in ff

Can I use unknown third-party voice-changing apps in FF?

The short answer is NO. You shouldn’t use any third-party application to change your voice in the FF.

If you are using apps from unknown sources, Free fire might ban your ID permanently. So, be aware.