How can you get all characters in Free fire for free?

How can you get all characters in Free fire for free?

The character is the most important thing to consider for getting the victory. Without the support of the best heroes, the win becomes full of challenges. Therefore, Free fire players want to unlock all the characters using diamond and gold, but some want to get them for free.

In the Garena FF, there is inequality between the diamond spending users and nonspending players. How?

The more top-ups and purchases make the player stronger than others. They unlock all the super ability characters, weapons, tactical items, pets, whatever.

But, the nonspending player remains less powerful even though they are pro in gameplay because of the lack of support of expensive supplies.

For example, you dropped in the battleground, and you encountered the opponent having a diamond bundle, character, pet. In this situation, you can beat him if you also get the support of diamond characters and pets.

Otherwise, you can’t defeat a diamond spending enemy. So, you have to think about the idea of getting some diamond characters for free.

How to unlock all characters for free in Free fire

1. Top up diamonds

(I) Go to the event section.
(II) Go to top up and get character.

The diamond top-up is one of the best ways to get free character- Only you have to purchase diamonds during the events.

For example, Nowadays, the offer of Joseph character by 1 diamond top-up is running.

But, this kind of top-up and get free character opportunities refreshes frequently- In another event, you will get another new character as a top-up reward. So, don’t miss such chances.

2. Get top-up bonus

Otha character in Free fire

It is another way to unlock a character in FF for free as a bonus reward. However, you will not see such bonus events every day- it arrives only on special occasions like festivals, anniversaries, and new seasons.

So, wait for the top-up bonus events arrival, and if you see such events, go to the event section. Now, top-up diamonds to unlock Alok, Skyler, CR7 characters for free in Free fire.

3. Returning users special gift offer

If you don’t play the FF for some weeks, you will get a free character as a returning user’s special gift.

However, the characters obtained from this method don’t long last permanently but only for a week.

But most active players may not use this technique because leaving the game for some days only to get character is not the best choice.

How to purchase the characters in FF?

If you have diamonds and gold, you can buy characters from the FF store.
(I) Go to the game store.
(II) Go to the character section.
(III) Select the character you want to buy.

But, don’t waste your diamonds on unnecessary things. Only buy Alok, CR7, and Skyler characters because they are the most powerful heroes.

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