Luck royale free fire: How to get the rare outfit from gold royale?

Unlock ancient Rome bundle from gold royale in free fire

Every player wants to unlock the rare outfits from the luck royale in the free fire.

Luck royale is the spin feature on which players can unlock different types of items. Like outfits, weapons skin, emotes, suppliers, mythic items and many more.

As you know the mythic item in the free-fire are rare, it only unlocks by luck and chance.

But if you know the trick to spin luck royale, then the chance of getting mystic and rare outfits like will raise.

How to get the rare outfit from gold royale
The rare outfit from gold royale

Therefore let’s discuss the tips to get mythic outfits from the luck royale free fire, and also the best way to unlock the ancient Rome bundle.

 But before that, let’s know the types of luck royale.

Types of luck royales.

  • Diamond royale 

 You will get attractive items like the rare outfit, magic cube, cube fragment and character fragment from diamond royale spin. And these rewards are used to upgrade free fire characters, skins and outfits.

The spin price of diamond royale is

(Once) 11600
  • Gold royale

For gold royale spin, it requires gold to try. So, you can get items like rare outfits, some supplier items, temporary clothes and temporary weapons skin.

There are sources to get gold in free fire:

Elite pass


Daily reward

Active mission

Season reward

Match played

The price of gold royale spin is 

  • Weapons royale 

It is another luck royale in a free fire in which you can get gun skins. It depends on your luck.

The price of weapons royale is

  • Incubator royale

Player spin incubator for evolution store to redeem special upgradable weapons skin.

The price of incubator royale spin is

  • Event luck royale

This luck royale comes in special events like valentine’s day, Christmas, Halloween and other festivals.

And from the event luck royale, you can remove 2 two fewer useless items for getting other free fire legendary items.

The price of the event luck royale is 

(Last)8th spin1182

Price increases in each spin.

How to unlock a rare outfit from gold luck royale in the free fire?

  • keep tap-tap

To get a rare outfit from the gold royale in the free fire, you should tap on the required outfit at least 5 or 6 times on each opening. By doing so, the chance of getting the ancient Rome bundle will increase.

  • Collect

Keep collecting more gold and a ‘gold voucher’ to spin gold royale, spin 11 times for once. It’s the best way to increase the chance of getting a mythic outfit from gold luck royale in the free fire.

  • Hide item.

Before spinning gold royale luck, you should hide or remove your attractive outfit, patty and weapon skin before spin your gold royale.

  • Spin more.

Another secret is,

The more you try the luck royale, the chance becomes higher of getting a rare outfit. Therefore spin more and more. 


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