How to get a diamond royale voucher in the free fire? Get a magic cube.

photo of magic cube in free fire.

The ‘diamond voucher’ helps spinning diamond royale for free in Free fire. If you don’t have a voucher, you have to spend 60 diamonds for a spin. From the spin, you can unlock magic cube and mythic bundles as a rare reward.

The spin feature is there to unlock some precious rewards in the free fire. For example, you can spin weapons, diamonds, incubators, gold royals to get mystic items. But each spin system has unique rewards. Also to try luck royale it requires gold and diamonds.

However, if you have a diamond royale voucher, you can spin diamond luck royale without spending your diamonds. Therefore, the player wants to make more diamond vouchers to save the diamond in the Free fire luck draw.

How to get diamond royale voucher in Free fire

1. Elite pass

The first way to get more than 10 diamond royale vouchers in Free fire is an elite pass. It cost about 300 diamonds to buy the elite pass in FF.

But if you don’t have purchased the premium pass, you will also get a free diamond voucher but in less quantity by earning the badges.

2. Dynamic duo

Dynamic duo gives diamond voucher in FF

If you don’t have a dynamic duo in Free free, then make it because it is also a method to get a lot of rewards, including free diamond vouchers.

Only you should make a dynamic duo and play matches with the partner. By doing so, you will get points to make a crate that contains a free diamond royale voucher and other surprises.

3. Guild token

You can also redeem the diamond vouchers using the guild token in FF. So, you have to collect more guild tokens by joining the guild and playing the matches with the team.

4. Use FF token

diamond royale voucher in Free fire

You can also use the FF tokens for purchasing vouchers. If you have more FF tokens, you can redeem free 20 diamond vouchers from the Free fire store.

(I) Go to store
(II) Tap on redeem option
(III) Tap on ff token option
(IV) Finally, scroll down and redeem.

5. Don’t miss the event.

Get diamond royale voucher from the events in Free fire

Weekly or daily, new events arrive in the Free fire full of rare rewards. So, check out the event section and complete the tasks every day.

If your day is good, you will see a mission that rewards you with some diamond vouchers.

(I) Go to the event.
(II) Check out the missions and complete them.

How to unlock magic cube in Free fire?

Magic cube fragment in Free fire

The magic cube is a rare item that is used to redeem special free fire bundles. And you can only get a magic cube from the diamond royale, either you spin with a voucher or diamonds. But it’s a rare reward.

So, here are the tips to get a magic cube from diamond royale with a high chance.

Step 1: Before you spin, remove all weapons skins to increase the chance to get the magic cube.

Step 2: After you remove all your weapons skins, restart the free fire game.

Step 3: After that, you should open your gold royale and spin one or two times.

Step 4: Finally, go to diamond royale and spin to get a magic cube with a high chance.


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