What is the best gun combination in the free fire?

What is the best gun combination in the free fire?
HD photo of booyah in free fire

As you know, weapons matter to get booyah. So you must select the best combination gun for every match to be perfect in the free fire.

If you select any gun without a plan, you will fail to give a better performance in the match because each weapon has a unique ability.

Each weapon has a different rate of fire, damage, range, and penetration capacity. So, by selecting a random weapon, you will feel difficult to use them properly.

the best gun combination in the free fire?
the best gun combination in the free fire to get booyah

But if you are the master of gun selection, then the best combination can give you the best result in FF matches. Let’s discuss the best weapon combo in Free fire.

Top 3 gun combinations in free fire

1. SCAR with M1014 (Best for AR users)

M1014 and SCAR is the best combo for AR user in Free fire. If you love to use AR weapons, then you can use SCAR.

SCAR weapon has a high fire rate, and damage rate and is best for long and midrange. The main feature of SCAR is you can get it in every random place in the battleground.

Why do I include a shotgun M1014? Because SCAR is used for long and mid-range similar to M1014(shotgun) for a short-range fight.

M1014 is a more powerful weapon than shotguns like SPAS12 and M1887. So, take the combination of short-range and long-range guns to be pro in the free fire.

2. AWM with MP5 (Best for sniper users).

It is best to hit high-damage snipers in free fire. Its damage in the body is 90 per AWM shot. But you can get it in only airdrop and from the supplier.

Why do I include MP5 with AWM? Because the rate of fire of MP5 is best among SMG. So, it is used for short-range fights and AWM for long-range.

3. MP40 with PARAFALE(Best for SMG user)

SMG gun MP40 is effective in the rate of fire speed and best damage for a short-range fight. So, use this for the only short-range. But for long-range, it doesn’t give better damage.

Why do I include PARA FAL with MP40? Because the PARAFAL gun is a highly damageable weapon, also it is best for the long-range fight not for shot range. Use MP40 for short-range, and PARAFAL to kill from a far distance.


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