Magic cube bundles in Free fire: Do you have these top 5 bundles?

Magic cube bundles in Free fire: Do you have these top 5 bundles?

We will describe the best collection of historical magic cube bundles in the free fire.

The magic cube is a stone like a red stone that you can use to redeem special outfits.

And the sources to unlock the magic cube are the Diamond royale spin and cube fragment. The 100 cube fragment is equal to 1 magic cube.

Events and diamonds royale spin are the best way to get more fragments in the Free fire.

Top 5 magic cube bundles in the history of free fire


Commander bundle in Free fire: Magic cube

The other name of the bundle is L.C commander, and it looks awesome.

The commander bundle is made by:
(I) Commander’s head
(II) Commander mask
(III) Commander top
(IV) Commander’s bottom
(V) Commander shoes in free fore.

Star Gazer

Star Gazer bundle in Free fire

The star Gazer is the best female magic cube bundle in Free fire. It is an attractive and good-looking female outfit in FF.

The bundle consists of:
(I) Star Gazer top
(II) Star Gazer bottom
(III) Star Gazer shoes
(IV) Star Gazer head

Mr. Nutcraker

Mr. Nutcracker Bundle in Free fire

The Mr. nutcracker is the top male bundle in Free fire that you can unlock from the magic cube. It is a new compression to other bundles.

The nutcracker bundle consist of,
(I) Mr nutcracker top
(II) Mr nutcracker bottom
(III) Mr nutcracker shoes
(IV) Mr nutcracker mask

Beast-Arm mutant

Beast-Arm mutant bundle in Free fire: A magic cube bundle

It is a male bundle that is popular for its attractive vest. The beast Arm mutant bundle is also available for a female character in free fire, and its name is Best Arm clone.

However, the male outfit is super in compression to the female version of the beast arm bundle.

The beast arm mutant bundle consist of:
(I) Beast-Arm mutant top
(II) Beast-Arm mutant bottom
(III) Beast-Arm mutant shoes
(IV) Beast-Arm mutant mask

The Era of gold.

Era of gold bundle in free fire: Magic cube

This bundle is available for both male and female characters in Free fire at the same price.

However, the female bundle of the Era of gold is more attractive than males.

It is made of:
(I) The Era of gold head
(II) The Era of gold bottom
(III) The Era of gold shoes
(IV) The Era of the gold mask
(V) The Era of gold top

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  1. I want to get all characters and all gun skins and all pets in my I’d of free fire and all diamonds in my I’d of free fire and so many gold coins

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