Gold to grandmaster on free fire classic ranked match: Tips and trick.

Gold to grandmaster on free fire classic ranked match: Tips and trick.

Most players think it’s hard to reach grandmaster from the gold tier in the Free Fire. Yes, it is but not impossible.

And it’s a matter of discussion which mode is best to reach in the high tier. The answer is all are best if everything is ok.

For example, in squad mode, the team should be helpful and skilled. Similarly, in the duo, your partner’s interest should match with you.

Finally, in solo mode, there is no team and help. So, you alone should have the best skills. In conclusion, solo, duo, and squad all are best to go gold to grandmaster.

However, it’s necessary to know some tips and tricks to get your goat faster. You need to know what to do in the match to push rank, where to hide and what to use. So, let’s discuss everything.

Best tips and tricks to push gold to grandmaster in free fire

Know where to land

The first thing you should know is where to land and what to avoid. If you land in a hot drop area, you will get minus with a high chance.
So remember two things:
(I) Don’t land near the plane path.
(II) Avoid landing on hot drops and dangerous areas.

Where to land then?
You can land anywhere except plane path and hot drop, and there should be necessary loots like a helmet, vest, gun, and throwable.

Know what to do if there are enemies.

You know to reach gold to grandmaster, you need enough plus points. So, if you don’t know how to deal with enemies, your rank will fall.

So, your priority should be more survival. If you see an enemy, don’t shoot them because you don’t know if the enemy is pro.
Instead, fall back without firing and hide somewhere to increase survival time.

You know prevention is better than cure to go to grandmaster from gold, platinum, diamond and heroic on free fire. You need the top 3 to get a good point in the heroic lobby. So, if you don’t survive in the first zone, you will get a minus on your rank.

Best use of ff token.

go to grandmaster from gold, platinum, diamond, and heroic on free fire.

From ff token, you can get the best loot on free fire. And you know best loot means the best gameplay.

Therefore, purchase a level 3 helmet, vest, 5-7 gloo wall, and best gun using ff token for the match. These items will help you to get booyah to reach gold to grandmaster tire in ff.

Know when to take rush

Only a higher rank doesn’t prove you are a champion of free fire. Best headshot percentage, KD ratio, booyah are also equally necessary to become a no.1

Therefore, you should increase all those statistics. However, during the rank push, forget about more kills only think about booyah.

So, the rush is best to improve your kill ratio and other statistics. But if you want to get a higher rank, don’t rush until 15 player remains. And when 15 players remain in the battleground, then you can play aggressively.

Most important tips for solo rank push

Gold to grandmaster on free fire

Don’t demotivate yourself. Most players quit pushing rank on gold, platinum, diamond, and heroic tire for grandmaster in Free fire if they die on 1,2 match. But it’s not a good idea.

If you want to reach the top tire, don’t lose hope but play with dedication. Don’t worry if you get a minus on a 1-4 match.

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