How to get free magic cube fragments in Free fire to unlock rewards?

How to get free magic cube fragments in Free fire to unlock rewards?

The cube fragments are also known as ‘magic cube fragments’ in Free fire. It is a precious item that you can use for purchasing mystic bundles.

You know, the Garena Free fire brings new updates and content regularly for the players.

In this game, you can unlock and purchase different materials\items used to get skins, bundles, and other rare suppliers such as FF token, rank token, diamonds, magic cubes, and cube fragments.

The combination of 100 cube fragments makes one magic cube.

Let’s discuss the best sources to get more numbers of cube fragments for fulfilling all your wants.

Best ways to get Free magic cube Fragments in Free fire

1. From diamond royale

You can get rewards like bundles, memory fragments, FF tokens, magic cubes, magic cube fragments, mythic outfits from the diamond royale spin.

However, the outcome possibility of cube fragment is less in comparison to other rewards.

And if you have good luck, you can unlock the fragment from the spin.

The cost of one spin is 60 diamonds. But you can use the diamond voucher to spin diamond royale for free.

So, collect more diamonds voucher in these ways:
(I) From daily events.
(II) Exchange with FF token.
(III) From daily login rewards.
(IV) From elite pass.

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2. From events

Sometimes, the Free fire brings special events with cube fragment rewards. So, don’t miss the opportunity.

For that, remain active in the game and check the event section for the event offers.

You will get missions like:
(I) Play 10 minutes for 5 fragments.
(II) Play 30 minutes for 10 fragments.
(III) Play 100 minutes for 20 fragments.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the cost of a diamond royale in Free fire?

The cost of 1 spin of diamond royale is 60 diamonds. But if you spend 600 diamonds at once, you can spin 11 times(one spin for free).

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