How to get a cobra bundle in Free fire? Cobra ascension

How to get a cobra bundle in Free fire? Cobra ascension

The Garena Free fire brings new content for the players on every occasion- new luck royale, events, and features. And these all-new opportunities are full of rewards and surprises. Similarly, the cobra bundle is back on the Free fire cobra ascension event.

You know, the cobra bundle came already, and most players unlocked it. Fortunately, it is available as a reward on the cobra ascension.

So, let’s know all detail about the cobra bundle and how to unlock it.

About cobra bundle

Cobra bundle event

The cobra bundle looks modern and shining with a combination of red and black colors.

The special thing about the bundle is the animated cobra crawl into the body of the equipped player.

It is a unique bundle in comparison to other bundle items in FF.

How to get cobra bundle in Free fire

The cobra bundle returns- on this event, you will get other rewards like legendary outfits, emotes, parachute animation, and many more.

Cobra bundle in Free fire

However, you can unlock these available rewards for a limited time. So, claim it before they disappear.

Here are the steps to get cobra bundle in FF

First Step: Launch the Free fire game and visit the luck royal section.

Step 2: Search for the event and select the spin for the ascension cobra.

Step 3: Now, spin the wheel using diamond and unlock the cobra (III) Don’t use weapon skin while you spin the wheel of cobra ascension.

The price of one spin is 20 diamond, and it cost 90 diamonds for a 5-time spin to unlock a cobra bundle in Free fire.

So, use these tips to increase the chance of getting a cobra bundle from spin.

(I) Use female characters for a spin.
(II) Wear a simple bundle or dress.

(III) Don’t use weapon skin while spinning.
(IV) Don’t skip the animation of the wheel.


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