Best pets for clash squad in Free fire: Top 5 collection

Best pets for clash squad in Free fire: Top 5 collection

Do you want to win in the clash squad? The pets in a free fire can help you to get booyah in every clash squad.

The best pet gives you more support and power in the match. You know to get victory in CS, you have to clear four rounds.

Each round is challenging, and the final level of the clash squad becomes highly competitive.

Therefore to win the match, you need a powerful friend (pet) with super ability for clash squad. So, let’s make the best collection.

5 Best pets you should use for clash squad match in Free fire.

MR WAGGOR (Smooth gloo)

Best pet for chash squad in Free fire: Mr. Waggor

The ability of Mr waggor on level 1 is it produces a gloo wall grenade every 120 seconds. And its ability increase in each level up.

You know, gloo wall is the best supplier to make a cover line for more support. And Mr waggor pet will help you.

Mr wagger is available in the store, and you can purchase it for 699 diamonds.

DREKI ( Dragon glare)

Best pet for CS in Free fire: Dreki

The Dreki pet is perfect for the player who rushes in clash squad mode.

You can spot one opponent using medkit within a 10m distance, and the ability lasts for 3S. So the Dreki can help you to detect more enemies in the match.

You can purchase Dreki using 699 diamonds from a free fire store.

DETECTIVE PANDA (Pandas Blessing)

The ability of the panda in the first level is it restore 4HP upon a kill. If you kill one enemy, you will get 4HP, and the power increases at every level.

So, it is the super pet for clash squad mode to get more kills and longer survival time.

You can purchase a detective panda using 699 diamonds.

BEASTON (Helping Hand)

The Beston increases the throw distance of the grenade, Gloo wall, flash, and smoke grenade.

So, if you are the master of throwable weapons in free fire, you can use Beaston pet for clash squad matches to blow them. The price of Beaston pet is 699 diamonds.

PORING (Stitch and Patch)

Best pet for clash squad in Free fire: Poring

It increases 1 helmet and armor durability every 3 seconds. It provides the helmet and armor from being destroyed.

So, you can increase your survival time using the ability of Poring pet in CS.


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