Enchanted fable bundle in Free Fire- Spin and unlock

Enchanted fable bundle in Free Fire- Spin and unlock

The enchanted fable is a new bundle in Free fire that players can unlock by spinning the diamond luck royale.

This bundle is becoming a demanding item in FF because of its unique style and attractive look. It looks like a music lover magician and musketeer.

So, Here is the collection of all rewards players can get from diamond luck royale in this enchanted fable event.
(i) Enchanted fable bundle
(ii) Magic cube and magic cube fragments.
(iii) Paleolithic set for the female

an enchanted fable bundle in FF

(iv) Combat set for females.
(v) Flame fighter set for male.
(vi) Exp card and gold cards
(v) Memory fragment for each character.

It means, by spinning the luck royale, the player will obtain a fable bundle and magic cube as a precious reward. But, if luck doesn’t support them, still payer will not have an empty hand.

How to unlock the Enchanted fable bundle in Free fire?

Here are the steps to enter the luck royale spin for getting the Enchanted bundle in Free fire:

(Step 1): Collect more diamond royale vouchers or top-up diamonds.

( The cost of spinning the luck royale for one time is 60 diamonds, and for 11 times spin, you need 600 diamonds. But, if you have a voucher, you can spin the luck royale for free to get an enchanted fable bundle in FF)

(Step 2): Go to luck royale and go to diamond royale section.

( This opportunity will long last for 21 days, and after that, the game will replace it and bring another reward)

(Step 3): Spin the luck royale.

(If you spin for once, it will be costly. But if you spin with 600 diamonds, you will get one spin for free)

In conclusion, it dependents upon your luck whether you will obtain the enchanted fable cosmetics or not.

The diamond royale is a bit expensive spin system, so you should be prepared with enough diamonds in your inventory.

However, one thing is clear the diamond luck royale always brings the best rewards in the spin.