Everything About Gyrocopter in Dota 2

Everything About Gyrocopter in Dota 2

The Gyrocopter is an agility hero who is good at chasing heroes with ease in Dota 2. He is a ganking hero with some capability to carry the team. He can deal with a lot of areas of damage in different ranges.

Furthermore, Gyrocopter is good at farming, and also he has a spammable skill with a low cooldown.

His ultimate also has a low cooldown which makes him a lot better. So, you need to know more about the Gyrocopter.

What are the skills of a Gyrocopter hero in Dota 2?

1) Rocket Barrage
Rocket Barrage gyrocopter skill in Dota 2

Gyrocopter launches some rockets at nearby enemies around him to give them massive damage. He has a very low cooldown on his skill, and he can use this to harass the enemies. As this skill is spammable, enemies have a hard-time laning against him.

2) Homing Missile
gyrocopter Homing Missile

The hero fires a homing missile at the target, which damages them. It also stuns them when they get hit by it. However, enemies can destroy his missile in three hits.

3) Flak Cannon
gyrocopter Flak Cannon

It is a passive skill that activates itself and increases the hitting rate of these basic attacks. It means Gyrocopter can attack multiple enemies at once with it.

However, only his main target can be hit by critical attacks and other enhanced effects.

4) Call Down
gyrocopter Call Down

Gyrocopter hits a target area with 2 missiles which fall at the time interval of 2 seconds each. They both damage the enemy and slow them down.

Effects of Aghanim’s Scepter on Gyrocopter in Dota 2

Aghanims’s scepter works quite well with Gyrocopter’s ultimate called call down. When he gets the scepter, the damage of his second missile dropped increases.

The other thing it does is increase the range of his ultimate from a limited range to a global ultimate. It means that he can hit the ultimate wherever he wants.

Weakness and strength of Gyrocopter?

There are always pros and cons to picking a hero. And the pros and cons of Gyrocopter in Dota 2 are as follows:

(i). Best early game damage with his 1st skill.
(ii). He has a great potential for pushing lanes with his 3rd skill.
(iii). He has a good Area of Damage with his passive and ultimate.
(iv). Gyrocopter can chase his enemies because of his high movement speed.

(v). He can clear waves and damage heroes with his passive.
(vi). He is good against heroes who use illusions and clones because of his area of damage from his flak cannon.

(i). He has no escape abilities from ganks and is very squishy.
(ii). His 1st skill is only good against single targets.
(iii). Gyrocopter will have a hard time making a comeback if his early game is weak. So the player should not mess up his early game as much as possible.

So, this is my take on Gyrocopter. All in all, he is a great and fun hero to play. He is good at ganking and can initiate fights effortlessly.

However, you have to work on his positioning because he is a squishy hero. I hope this helps you know a little more about this mobile ganking machine known as Gyrocopter in Dota 2.


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