How to get a Supreme title in MLBB like a pro?

How to get a Supreme title in MLBB like a pro?

There are many titles and rankings for heroes in MLBB. They can be very prestigious to show and flex your opponents and enemies alike. Beginner, Junior, Senior, and Supreme are the titles you can obtain in MLBB. But, In this article, I will give you some of the pro ways to push for the supreme title in MLBB as fast as possible.

About ranking in MLBB

So, to make it easier to understand, the ranking system in Mobile legends are briefly described below:
(i) Beginner title:- It is the lowest ranking calculated among the small area.
(ii) Junior:- This title is shown and calculated among all the players in your town.
(iii) Senior:- This title is calculated among the players of your state or the district.
(iv) Supreme:- This title is given to the top MLBB players of certain heroes in a country.

Mobile legends calculate all the titles per the MMR points you get when playing ranked matches. It is also known as hero power, and it increases when you win and decreases when you lose.

As you go higher, you get lower MMR points with each win and lose more with each loss, so it is crucial not to lose when playing your MMR heroes in MLBB.

However, there are many ways that you can gain that MMR rather easily and get the title. It is a very respectful title to earn and show off because it shows how good you are with the hero.

In the past, obtaining these titles was difficult because of many win traders in Mobile legends. Win traders are the people who match up against the same enemy multiple times and pay them to lose. This way, they get easy MMR and titles effortlessly.

But now, MLBB has brought a system to abolish this by resetting the MMR of every hero after 30 days. It has significantly decreased the number of win traders in the game. So, this is the best time to get any titles, including the Supreme title in Mobile legends.

5 Pro tips to get Supreme title in MLBB

1) Play with Friends

Playing with random players can be hard because they might troll or feed and severely affect your chances of winning the match. So, I find it better to play with your team and friends to get that Supreme rank in Mobile Legends.

You will have better synergy, and you might win most of the matches if you team up with your friends. You will have better communication, and they will help you push your hero power because when you play with random players, you won’t always get your hero.

2) Spam your Hero

Because the MMR point you earn will be reset every 30 days, you need to spam those heroes to get more hero power as much as possible. That’s why it is a good idea to keep playing the heroes you want to achieve the Supreme title fast in MLBB(Mobile legends). Of course, you shouldn’t always pick those heroes.

Don’t select your hero if the enemy picks your counter because you will have difficulty winning the game. If you lose, you will lose a lot of hero power. So, spam your hero, but do it in a situation where you are safe.

3) Play the game smarter

When I say play the game smarter- I mean play the game great but do it better. Try to get MVP in each match because you get more MMR when you get the MVP.

If you fail to get it, you can always try for a Gold medal in each MLBB fight but don’t go below the Silver medal if you want to push your hero power and get your Supreme title faster. So, always focus on winning.

4) Focus on the objectives

It doesn’t matter if you get MVP or a Gold medal if you lose the game because you will lose the hero power anyway. So, always try to win the game.

Focus on the objectives, which are pushing and putting pressure around the map. Don’t go for kills or other things. Focus on getting the objectives and winning the game. Try not to throw the game.

5) Synergize with your team picks

You can push any hero with your friends, but it is necessary to synergize with your team. Tell them to pick the hero who is good with your hero. This way, your team composition will be strong, and you can take on and beat even the best of players.

Focus on objectives and communicate with your team to build synergy to increase your chance of winning the Mobile legends(ML) battle and getting the supreme title quicker.

As you can see, winning is the most important thing when you want to push your rank for Supreme in MLBB. Having a Supreme title is like representing your country, and it means you are one of the best on the hero you are playing.
That is all I have to say. I hope that you guys can get those MMR faster and get that juicy titles and flex on your friends in MLBB.