Best collector skins in MLBB with better skill effect

Best collector skins in MLBB with better skill effect

MLBB has different types of skins labels, and one of them is the Grand Collector skins. These skins are expensive and worth the money spent, and they have their tag called the “Collector” when in the in-game loading skin.

They have different voice lines and skill effects than other skins and are considered the best skins in the game. However, not all skins have the same quality because some are better than others and have better skill effects and smoothness.

So, in this article, you will know which are the best affordable collector skins in Mobile legends and their quality.

Top 5 best Collector skins in MLBB

1) Lone Destructor

the best skin in MLBB

Yi sun shin’s Lone Destructor is one of the best skin in MLBB because its smoothness is phenomenal, and the skill effects are best. Anyone who has played the lone destructor skin will love its feature.

This collector is so famous and wanted by the players that MLBB keeps returning it in other events than the Grand Collector skin event. Yi sun shin’s skin converts the base into his turtle ship, which looks more modernized than his other skins.

It is beautiful and must-have skin in the game if you have the money because Even pros use this skin of Yi sun shin when playing in tournaments in Mobile legends(ML).

2) Serene Plume

most popular assassins in MLBB

Ling is one of the most popular assassins in the game, and his collector skin, Serene Plume is no exception. This skin also has a great skin effect.

Moreover, it has the best sounds of the swords. While using his 1st skill, Ling climbs on his sword, which looks very cool. The ultimate’s effect is more defined than other skins.

He has different voice lines, and picking his sword up is easier with this skin because the swords in his ultimate are more defined.

3) Blood Serpent

 beautiful collector skin in ML

Yu Zhong’s Blood Serpent skin is another beautiful collector skin in ML with red color and skills. When his passive is active, the skill effects look great.

His Dragon form looks like a red serpent dragon hovering in the sky, which puts fear in the enemies. As with all the other collector skins, this skin also has unique voice lines in MLBB.

4) Agent Z

Granger’s Agent Z collector skin is another one on my list. As you can see from the picture above, this skin is quite flashy and looks very expensive but is the same price as other collector skins.

This skin also has unique voice lines and entry animation, and his skills look whitish golden color, which looks cool in Mobile legends matches. Many Granger users don’t have this skin so having this skin is a great flex.

5) Realm Watcher

 best collector skins in the MLBB in 2021

Aldous’s Realm Watcher skin is one of the best collector skins in the MLBB in 2021, and its skills are dragon-themed.

While using 1st and 2nd skills, he gets a sky blue shiny dragon with him, which looks best. I mean, who doesn’t love dragon-themed things- they are cool.

When it comes to his ultimate, he covers himself in the dragon-themed blue barrier, which looks great. This skin also comes with unique voice lines and entry animation.

In Conclusion

These are the attractive and affordable collector skins with better skill effects that I have used in ML fights. Some may have different opinions, but we agree that collector skins are very cool in mobile legends. Those unique voice lines are very cool, and the skill effects are flashy too. But my only wish is that these skins become a little affordable.

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