How to find a Stronghold in Minecraft to explore End?

How to find a Stronghold in Minecraft to explore End?

A stronghold in Minecraft is a large underground generated structure where you will find lots of loot and mobs. Also, it has a room containing an end portal that you can use to travel to the End world in the game.

The End is a final world in Minecraft where you will find the Enderman, the end city, and the boss mob, the ender dragon.

The journey of finding a stronghold starts from going to the Nether to getting the Eyes of ender. So, let’s continue.

How to go to the Nether?

Firstly, you should make a nether portal to enter the Nether in Minecraft. And to build the nether portal requires a flint and steel and 12 obsidian.

Like in the picture, you have to make a portal. Make it as big as you want, but it should have at least 2 horizontal and 3 vertical spaces.

Firstly, make nether portal to find stronghold in minecraft

After constructing the nether portal, you must use the flint and steel and right-click into the portal to activate it- then you can travel into the nether.

How to get the eyes of ender in Minecraft?

In the Nether, you can trade the gold with piglins to get ender pearls or eyes of ender.

Also, you can obtain ender pearls by trading with villagers and by killing endermen. After getting the ender pearl, find a nether fortress and defeat blazes to get blaze rods and combine ender pearls and blaze powder to make eyes of ender.

Eye of ender: It helps to find the stronghold in minecraft
Eye of Ender

You can get blaze powder by simply putting blaze rods on the crafting menu.

How to Find the stronghold in Minecraft to explore end

Firstly make sure, you have at least 20 eyes of ender to make a stronghold. When you throw one of these eyes of ender into the sky, it goes towards a certain direction. It signifies the path of the stronghold.

After going towards the direction for a while, the eyes of the ender will point downwards, and you have to dig down to reach the stronghold.

For example, after throwing the eye of the ender in the sky, it fell in the water and it means, the stronghold lies under the water.

How to find a Stronghold in Minecraft?
How to find a Stronghold in Minecraft to explore End?

Finally, you have to find an end portal in stronghold but be aware of dangerous mobs. Once you find the end portal in the stronghold, place 12 eyes of the ender into the specific places, and then you can travel to the End in Minecraft.