Best new M3 emotes in MLBB- Top 5

Best new M3 emotes in MLBB- Top 5

M3 World Championship for MLBB is currently going on, and the prize pool of the tournament is 800 thousand USD, so the teams are fighting for the Championship. MLBB has come up with an M3 pass event for the tournament, and in this event, the game has given new emotes for all the participating teams, and they are the best emotes so far.

Top 5 new M3 emotes in MLBB.

1) RRQ’s Emote

RRQ M3 emote in MLBB.

The RRQ M3 emote is the best out there in the ML- when you use the emote, the announcer says, ‘Kneel before the king’. What better way to intimidate your enemies and show your dominance than flexing this emote.

RRQ is one of the strongest teams participating in the MLBB tournament and is one of the tournament favorites. So, it is fitting that they get the best emote in there.

2) BTK’s Emote

M3 BTK emote in MLBB.

Another emote that comes next is BTK’s emote. BTK is the team from the USA, and this is their first M3 World Championships in MLBB.

They don’t have a manager, coach, or an analyst. But they have managed to come a long way.

In this emote, the announcer says, ‘Path to Power’. And it fits perfectly for them because they are one of the new inexperienced teams for world championships.

But they are doing great in the tournament and showing that they are on their way to gaining power, so it fits them perfectly.

3) Blacklist International’s Emote

This Mobile legends emote belongs to Philippines team

Another M3 emote on this list belongs to Blacklist International from the Philippines. In this emote, the announcer says, “Break the code”.

The Blacklist international emote fits perfectly for a team like Blacklist because they are considered one of the strongest teams in Mobile legends.

And they are great at dissecting the way their enemies play and take advantage of that.

4) Natus Vincere’s Emote

Best anime emote in Mobile legends

4th emote on this list is Natus Vincete’s Emote. The team is also known as NAVI, in short. The emote says ‘NANI’ when you use it, and it is cool when you think about it.

The players who watch anime will especially like this emote in MLBB. It is for you if you are into anime and Japanese culture. The team is not doing good in the tournament, but their emote is selling well.

5) Todak’s emote

This M3 Mobile legends emote belongs to team from Malaysia

The last M3 emote on this list is Todak’s emote, an ML team from Malaysia. They are doing great in the Mobile legends world championship tournament, and their emote says, ‘Breaking the limits’ when you use it.

It makes sense and fits them looking at their performance in the tournament. The team won against tournament favorites Onic and went into the upper bracket. So they are breaking their limits.

So, these are the best emotes, and best-selling emote right now in MLBB(Mobile legends) M3 World Championship.

I advise you to buy the emote that you like and flex on your teammates and intimidate the enemies.