The best heroes combinations in MLBB battle- Top 5

The best heroes combinations in MLBB battle- Top 5

Some heroes are compatible with each other, so their combinations can be fatal during fights and gank in Mobile legends(MLBB). Some combos can turn the game on your side entirely if you execute skills with timing.
These are some hero combo that can be helpful for ML battles in every rank.

Top 5 Heroes combinations in Mobile legends(MLBB)

1) Odette And Johnson

Best Heroes combinations in Mobile legends

Odette and Johnson together are one of the most famous and used combos. Johnson is a tank that has the ultimate ability to turn into a ride and carry along one ally hero.

Similarly, Odette is a powerful mage with high burst and continues damage. Her ultimate deals damage to all inflicted heroes within her range.

Johnson carries Odette and crashes opponent heroes. While Odette double stuns them with second skill and ults for a final deal. This combo gives the best supports to kill entire enemies in MLBB with the right timing.

2) Valir and Hylos

Best combination of heroes in Mobile legends

Valir is a Strong early mage hero, and Hylos is a Strong early hero tank that can offer magic damage and slows down enemies with his second skill. Players usually use their combination for the early invasion to enemy buffs.

Invading Enemys’ jungle early will benefit the team for victory. While hylos annoy the opponent with his second skill, the valir will spam his first skill from a distance.

So, the combinations of Valir and Hylos heroes can dominate MLBB battles if used with coordination.

3) Tigreal and Kadita

Heroes skill combo in Mobile legends

Tigreal and Kadita’s skillsets go well with each other. Tigreal is pretty much compatible with all heroes that can deal crowd damage as his ultimate skill allows him to pull in the enemies and stun them.

When Tigreal successfully ults the enemy heroes, the Kadita using her first skill swims towards the enemy.

The second skill of Kadita allows her to stun the opponents in the air and lastly finish the enemy off with her ultimate where she dives inside the surface, creating an explosion that deals burst magic damage to enemy heroes.

So, the combo of Tigreal and Kadita heroes is also best for killing all enemies if used perfectly during the fight in Mobile legends(MLBB).

4) Guinevere and Atlas

Guinevere and Atlas in Mobile legends

Guinevere’s ultimate is very powerful if inflicted on multiple enemy heroes. But her ultimate is only effective when enemies get knocked in-hero. It is sometimes quite hard to lock her second skill to do so.

But Atlas’s ultimate can make it easier to do the combo. Atlas’s ult chains up the enemy and jumps toward the aimed area, where enemies are knocked in air. Guinevere can execute her ultimate skill to wipe out the enemy team.

5) Tigreal and Benedetta

Tigreal and Benedetta in MLBB

As mentioned above, Tigreal ultimate is very handy when targeted to the crowd of the enemy. He is also a very sturdy tank with CC skills.

Benedetta is a deadly assassin who can deal AOE damage. Also, her ultimate is brutal, where she creates space with her dash, where continuous slashing of blade occurs.

When Tigreal ults, the enemy is pulled into him, and Benedetta can deal the final blow with her ultimate victory, so the skill combination of these two heroes can be best for you.