Best Tanks to rank up in MLBB (Mobile legends bang bang)

Best Tanks to rank up in MLBB (Mobile legends bang bang) - Top 5

There are six roles in MLBB, including Tank. A tank is someone tough and strong enough to take hits. If the tank is good, the performance of the overall team increases, and the game is sure to be on your side. So here are the 5 strongest Heroes for the Tanks role in MLBB that is strong enough, especially if wants to level up your rank faster:

Top 5 tanks in Mobile legends bang bang(MLBB) to rank up fast

1) Mathilda

Mathilda MLBB: Minotaur

The Mathilda tank\support has been dominating the tank role in the MLBB current meta. What makes Mathilda better than other tanks is that she has fast movement speed in comparison to others. She can heal allies and herself with her second skill if she equips favor roaming boots.

Her early game magic damage is high, so she can play aggressively right from the start and annoy the enemy mage and jungler. However, she has considerably low HP than other tanks and lacks CC(Crowd Control) skills. But her fast-moving speed and healing ability cover it up for her. You can use Mathilda tank to join the team fight very soon and even run away and save your allies from a team fight in Mobile legends.

Abilities of Mathilda as a tank in MLBB:
(i) Her first skill is Soul bloom deals damage to nearby heroes and minions/creeps.
(ii) Second skill is Guiding wind that gives her 500 shields and increases her movement speed, allies near her radius of the second skill, and flies towards her.
(iii) Her ultimate Circling Eagle applies a mark around the locked target, and she rotates around the locked enemy hero and knocks it back. She gains CC immunity and 600 shields during her ult.
(iv) Combo: You can use your second skill first and then use her ultimate.
(v) The perfect build for Mathilda tank is Oracle, Bruteforce, Glowing wand Demon shoe, and best spell are aegis, flicker, or execute.

2) Tigreal

Tigreal MLBB: Best Tank

If there is one hero in Mobile legends who is considered good in every meta, he is Tigreal. Tigreal has a big body covered in thick armor. His one hand is a shield and on the other hand, is a massive hammer.

Tigreal is very durable in team fights and has a lot of HP. Also, he is the best tank to create openings for the team. Moreover, you can tigreal tank to delay the enemy Jungler farm by simply pushing the jungle out of the radius to reset it.

Abilities of Tigreal as a tank in MLBB:
(i) His first skill is attacking waves. He bashes his hammer against the ground, and it creates a shockwave dealing damage.
(ii) Second skill Sacred Hammer is used to pushing heroes, minions, and creeps. The second phase of his second skill is best to knock the enemy up for 0.3 seconds.
(iii) His ult Implosion. Tigreal pulls surrounding enemies towards him and stuns them.
(iv) The best spell for tigreal is flicker. You can also go with an aegis or petrify.
(v) The best build I recommend for tigreal is Twilight, Cursed helmet, warrior boots.

3) Khufra

Khufra MLBB

Does the enemy dash right through you to the backline? If you have no idea what to do when there is a pro fanny in the enemy team, then Khufra is best.

Khufra is the counter tank to dash heroes in mobile legends (MLBB) and best for increasing your rank. During his second skill, any enemy trying to dash through him gets knocked up into the air. Khufra is also very sturdy in the arena and hard to kill if built with the perfect items and proper gameplay. He is as good at tigreal at ambushing and initiating team fights.

Abilities of Khufra as a tank in MLBB:
(i) First skill of Khufra is Tyrant’s revenge- He charges a jump, and when landing on an enemy hero knocks him up into the air.
(ii) His second skill Bouncing ball. Khufra turns into a bouncing ball and knocks enemy heroes who try to dash through hum into the air
(iii) Khufra’s Ult Tyrant’s rage- he pulls the enemy towards his front to stun the enemy.
(iv) Khufra works best with flicker spell but Petrify and vengeance.
(v) The best build I recommend for the Khufra tank is queen wings, Thunder belt, Antique cuirass, Immortality.

4) Atlas

Atlas MLBB

Among all tanks, Atlas character can help you rank up fast in mobile legends(MLBB) if you use him properly. He can change the tide of the game with one move in the perfect timing. Also, he deals a lot of damage if he lines up his combo perfectly.

Moreover, Atlas tank can use his second skill to move around the map to perform quick ganks. He is very durable in fights and can make perfect plays and combos with different heroes.

Abilities of Atlas as a tank in MLBB:
(i) His first skill is Annihilate. Atlas smashes the ground and causes 3 explosions around him dealing magic damage nearby.
(ii) Second skill perfect match. Atlas turns to an ejected state where his soul(Octopus) comes out of his body and moves, and his body follows it. Once they meet, the nearby enemies get stunned if they are around when his soul and body meet.
(iii) Atlas ult fatal links- He grabs chains to enemies near his ult radius and pulls them to a certain point.
(iv) Atlas tank works best with the spell flicker and vengeance.
(v) The suitable build for Atlas is a fleeting time, Athena shield, Dominance Ice, Oracle, Guardian helmet.

5) Minotaur

Minotaur: Top tank in Mobile legends bang bang(MLBB) to increase rank

Minotaur is a Powerful tank in MLBB because of his damage and support abilities. Despite being a tank, he can deal massive physical damage also heal allies with his second skill. He is very durable due to his high health and healing.

So minotaur has two phases normal state and rage state.
The red bar below his HP bar shows his rage bar. He gains rage on dealing and taking damage and decreases fast if no damage is done or taken.

Abilities of Minotaur as a tank in MLBB:
In his normal state
(i) First skill of Minotaur Despair stomp. Minotaur does a short jump to a certain point dealing damage.
(ii) Second skill is Motivation Roar. Minotaur heals nearby allies and himself and enhances his attack.
(iii) Minotaur ult Minoan fury. He charges his rage bar up to 50%-60%

In his raged state:
(i) Minotaur first skill damage radius and damage both increase.
(ii) Minotaur second skill recovers hp when hit with basic attacks for 2s.
(iii) Minotaur ult. He smashes the ground 3 times in the midst of which enemies nearby are knocked up into the air for some time.
Minotaur best works with flicker and revitalize.
(iv) The build for minotaur is Brute Force Breastplate, Antique Cuirass, Blade armor, cursed helmet.


There are many heroes tanks in Mobile legends(MLBB) with a unique ability, but you can use above mentioned powerful tanks to increase your rank level quickly.


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