Advanced Server in Mobile Legends: How to Play?

Advanced Server in Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB): How to Play?

Mobile Legends Bang Bang ( MLBB) offers players to join two different servers to compete against each other, and they are advanced and original server.

The most common and popular server is the Original Server, where all the players from different regions get access to play MLBB with each other.

Similarly, another is an advanced server that has only limited access. This server is a test server, providing players with an opportunity to try out new and unreleased heroes, skins, and many exciting features.

Eligibility to play MLBB in Advance Server

1) Player’s Account Level

To get access to play in an advanced server of Mobile Legends Bang Bang, players must have at least a level 15 account.

2) Location of Players

An individual can play in advance server only if a player resides in Asian regions. Also, the player must have a good internet connection to avoid the fluctuation of ping in the game.

3) Verified Account

If you haven’t connected the MLBB account to either Facebook, Google Play, or Vk, you can’t switch to the advanced server.

If you are still playing with a guest account, you should connect your account to these platforms.

Entering the Advanced Server in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

If you meet the eligibility criteria mentioned above, you can enter an advanced server in MLBB by following the steps.

(I) Head toward the profile sections and tap on account settings.
On the bottom right of the screen, click on the Switch Server option to change from a normal server to an advanced server.

(Remember, you should be prepared to download additional resources to play the advanced server. Make sure you have enough space in your device to download the required files.)

(II) Accessing the advanced server
There is a different method for ios and android users for entering the advanced server in Mobile Legends Bang Bang(MLBB).

If you are an android user, you need to wait for permission from Montoon. If you are eligible to play on the advanced server, you’ll get the option to change between the servers.

However, the selection process is random. So, you might not always be lucky enough to get an opportunity to try out the test server, the so-called advanced server.

In contrast to android users, ios users get a notification if they get selected for playing mobile legends on the advanced server.

The ios players eligible and selected to enter the test server will be provided with an invitational in-game mail by montoon.

In conclusion

Cheers to those lucky players out there who got a chance to access the advanced server-

I hope you enjoyed trying the new heroes and skins. Maybe you can share a couple of spoilers with us as well by contacting us through an E-mail 🙂


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