Everything About The Hero Valentina in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Everything About The Hero Valentina in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

The new hero Valentina in Mobile Legends is a must-try mage because of her impressive abilities.

This mage, also known as Prophetess of the night is a copy mage. i.e. capable of copying or taking the form of an enemy hero and casting their skills.

Valentina also has her special burst /reap specialty to knock down the enemy.

Abilities of Latest hero Valentina in Mobile legends Bang Bang

1) Primal Force

Primal Force is Valentina’s passive ability. This skill grants her 30 extra EXP every time she deals damage to the enemy hero.

Moreover, if the level of an enemy hero is less than the level of Valentina, she gains an advantage by this passive skill by converting 60% of the dealt damage into her HP.

2)Shadow Strike

Valentina can strike an enemy with the shadow in a fan-shaped area, which deals impressive magic damage to the enemy and slows them down by 40% for 1 second.

This skill also marks an enemy hero for 4 seconds. If the marked enemy is hit by the strike again, then the enemy hero will get affected by the terrifying effect.

3) Arcane Shade

This ability makes Valentina able to launch the Shadow Bolts to the nearby enemies, and she can dash in the forward direction.

Each shadow bolt deals around 120 – 230 Magic damage to an enemy hero in MBLL battle.

This skill has a cooldown of 6 – seconds, but it decreases by 1 second if she strikes an enemy hero with her bolts.

4) I am You

The ultimate skill of Valentina is I am You. This skill makes Valentina capable of slowing down the enemy hero by 70% for half a second.

Her Siphoned power allows her to cast the ultimate skill of her enemy within the time limit of 20 seconds.

And it will make her take the complete form of the enemy’s hero during the battle in mobile legends.

This skill not only copies the enemy’s form and ultimate but also inherits all their basic attacks. While this skill is super cool but it has no effect if the enemy also has Valentina in their team.


Valentina Mage in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

The above mentioned were the impressive abilities of our new hero Valentina in Mobile Legends Bang Bang(MLBB).

Not only are her skills intriguing, but her skins, as well as trailers, are also really fascinating.

Since Valentina is released currently in MLBB and the skins and hero itself are 30% off for Launch Week. Make sure you buy it before the price increases.

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