How to maintain a good KD in pubg new state?

How to maintain a good KD in pubg new state?

Every pubg new state player wants to maintain a good KD ratio to prove they are the best killer.

The KD means kills per death, and it is a number obtained by dividing the number of kills the player gets by the number of times he dies.

Suppose, if you play 5 matches and obtain 20 kills, your KD becomes 4.00 even though you don’t get chicken.

Wherever other players check out your profile, firstly, they will see your kill per death ratio. And if it is good, then only profile visitors will send you friends request or invitations.

However, if you low KD ratio, they will think of you as a Noob of pubg new state.

So, the KD number is the best thing to know if the player is skilled or not. It’s just a number, but more than 50% of players judge the Kd to know about your skill.

What is the best KD ratio in pubg new?

If you want to maintain a good reputation, you have to increase your KD ratio as fast you can. So, if you make a 3.00 KD ratio by playing 100 matches, it is the best for your profile.

How to maintain a good KD ratio in pubg new state

1) Invite the best teammate for the match.

Playing with a helpful teammate is the best way to maintain the KD ratio. The good squad members stay together in any situation to get the chicken.

If you get in a dangerous situation, then your squad will rescue you. As a result, you will not get killed quickly by your enemy, and you can obtain more than 4 kills until the match end.

Moreover, The solo mode in pubg new state also can be the best choice to upgrade your KD ratio, but you should be perfect in aiming and surviving. But you know, it’s hard to play alone.

2) Select the best drop location

Landing in a safe location is the best strategy to raise the KD ratio in pubg new quickly. However, most player thinks it’s good to land in a hot drop place.

If you land directly in hot drops, you will not get all the necessary loots because many players land there. And it is not possible to finish your enemies without the best supplies like weapons, ammo, and more health kits.

Therefore, firstly, land in the safe zone and collect enough loot, then only move to the hot drop areas where you will find a lot of enemies.

3) Learn to camp

You know, Rush gameplay help to increase the kill ratio, but there is also less chance you will survive longer. If you get killed while rushing, then you will miss the kills of upcoming circles.

So, it is also necessary to survive to get more killing opportunities. Hold yourself in one place for 1st circle after collecting enough loot items.


The mentioned tips can help you to maintain more than 5 KD ratio fast in pubg new state. But one thing you have to remember, focus on your gameplay, not on your profile.

If your KD is less than 2.00 and you are in conqueror, don’t be upset- You are a pro.

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