How to get more bots in pubg new state?

How to get more bots in pubg new state?

Do you know? The bots are the best thing in pubg new state matches that help you increase your statices because you can kill them easily.

So, the players want to get more bots to boost their kill ratio, rank, whatever in the game.

Who are bots, and How do they look likes?

In pubg new state, the bot is an enemy directed by programs and algorithms, and it looks like a real player, but they have the weak ability in all prospects.

Pubg new state bot

The main purpose of adding bots in the game is they help in matchmaking, and they are the best things to motivate newbies players to play the game.

The bots have fewer hit points. Similarly, their movement is slow compared to real players.

Moreover, If you see your opponent showing unpredictable behavior, you can say it’s a bot.

Also, they don’t use equipment like throwable, health items, vehicles.

When do the bots spawn in the matches?

According to my experience, when two-party fight each other, the bot spawn theirs to create a disturbance.

Similarly, you will find many bot enemies inside the random building of Pubg new hot drop areas, but their number depends on how many real players drop there.

Moreover, the camper player encounters more bots. If you camp/hide somewhere for a long time, the bot will come there for a purpose.

These things have happened to me, so I shared them with you. However, this may not occur with all the players every time, because there are fewer bot enemies in the New state.

But one thing is sure these kinds of situation brings bots near you with a 50% chance.

How to get more bots in pubg new state

1) Get killed continuously with 0-0 kills

If you get killed with 0 kills continuously, then after 3-4 matches, you will get a chance to kill many bots in Pubg new state.

2) Get them on 1st and 2nd circle

You will get a lot of bots in the 1st and 2nd circles of the match, so if you try to search for them, you will succeed in that gap.

Because of their weakness, they don’t long cost until 3rd circle. So, kill them before your opponent.

3) Low tier helps

Your tire also determines how many bots you will find in a match in pubg new. If you are a bronze, silver, gold player, you will find more bots, but above that, the chance decreases.

Furthermore, the best bot spawn location in the Erangle map of pubg new state are:
(i) School Apartment
(ii) Pochinki
(iii) Near to bridge
(iv) Sosnovka Military Base
(v) Rozok Way

Moreover, the best bots spawn location in the TROI map of pubg new state are:
(i) Chester
(ii) City Hall
(iii) Side of Mall
(iv) Factory
(v) Lab route and side of Sunbury

Pubg new state Troi map