Which are the best epic skins in MLBB? Top 5

Which are the best epic skins in MLBB?

In MLBB, there are tons of skins with different unique skill effects and voice lines, and in those categories falls the Epic skins. These are the skins that are the most expensive apart from other time-limited event skins like Kof, star wars, etc.

These skins are great in skill abilities, but they don’t have unique voice lines. Some of the attractive epic skins in mobile legends bang bang are listed below:

Top 5 epic skins in MLBB

1) Thunder Flash

Thunder Flash skin

Selena’s Thunder Flash skin is undoubtedly one of the best epic skins desired by many players in Mobile legends. The skin itself looks much beautiful and elegant. It has whitish transparent skill effects that can be a great help in the game.

Compared to other skins, thunder flash gives more chances for you to hit your enemies with your skills because your skills are transparent in this skin which makes it hard for your enemies to dodge.

2) Shadow Of Obscurity

Mysterious epic skin in ML: Hayabusa’s Shadow of Obscurity

Next on this list is Hayabusa’s Shadow of Obscurity skin. It is also an epic skin that every player wants to unlock and is ready to pay dollars to buy the MLBB account which has this skin.

Hayabusa is a ninja, which automatically makes him cool for players plus, this skin gives dark and gloomy vibes and the skill effects help it more.

In Shadow of Obscurity skin, the hero looks thinner, and his shurikens are a bit larger. It makes it easier to hit the enemy.

3) Tesla Maniac

Tesla Maniac Epic skin in Mobile legends

Who doesn’t love X-Borg and his epic Tesla maniac skin in Mobile legends? X- Borg is a hero who is famous for his poking and sustainability. His fire is the main culprit for his poking ability.

In this skin, his flames are blue, which denotes that it is burning at a higher temperature than his normal yellowish-red flames.

The Tesla Maniac skin looks beautiful when used on the battlefield. He is more distinguishable in this skin than any other.

4) Lunar Magic

Lunar Magic epic skin in MLBB

Among all epic skins, next on this list is Chang’e’s Lunar Magic, and it is one of the best skin for mages in the MLBB. The color looks vibrant and attractive on this skin. The entry animation is different and gorgeous as well.

Her ultimate is the skill that looks the most gorgeous in this skin. She shoots out a barrage of meteors, which looks beautiful, and she looks a little bulkier in this skin.

5) Butterfly Seraphim

Butterfly Seraphim epic skin in MLBB

Lunox’s Butterfly Seraphim is another image-based unique epic skin in ML. Of course, following the theme, the entry animation is very different from other skins.

Her light and dark skill animation is attractive and unique as well. She looks pretty in this skin too, and most of the players who have this skin do not use other skins when playing her.

So, these are the best epic skins in Mobile Legends(ML) in my experience. Others may have different opinions, but you can’t deny that these skins are very cool.

As MLBB is increasing the quality of their skins, we do hope to see better in the future.