How to get diamonds for free in mobile legends(MLBB)?

How to get diamonds for free in mobile legends bang bang (MLBB)?

For every Mobile Legends Bang Bang player, getting free diamonds is like a dream come true. So, here we will discuss some ways to embark on this dream of yours and fill your account with diamonds.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a free-to-play 5 VS 5 MOBA game, allowing players to experience the fun of MOBA gaming on portable devices.

MLBB has completely taken the lead in the mobile gaming industry after it crossed 1 billion downloads. This game is the best means to kill your boredom.

Diamond in Mobile Legends

The growing popularity of MLBB has inspired its developer to come forth with many attractive hero skins and the hero itself.

However, you cannot acquire these skins and characters freely- You need chunks of diamonds to purchase the exclusive skins. But, there are also a few skins that you can buy using the fragments.

The skins from fragments are common because it is often seen among players, while the exclusive skins from the shop are much more attractive. If you are a mobile legends player, then you surely understand the value of diamonds.

How to get free diamonds in Mobile Legends

1) Lucky shop in MLBB

Lucky shop in Mobile legend: Unlock diamonds from lucky spin

If you are looking forward to top-up diamonds for purchasing skins in mobile legends, then trying lucky spin is the free method for you. You can go to the Draw section in the Lucky shop and try out the lucky spin.

If you are fortunate enough, you might end up earning a hero skin for yourself. Also, depending upon your luck, you might receive the fragments to redeem a new hero or even a rare skin.

2) In-game Stream

MLBB provides an in-game live streaming platform for those players who are interested in streaming their gameplay.

If you are confident enough to showcase gameplay, you might earn some free diamonds by streaming mobile legends bang bang(MLBB).

Whenever someone visits your live stream and gifts you with flowers, jewelry, yacht, yacht, or airplane, you can make yourself a diamond.

3) Top-up

It is the easiest way to get yourself a diamond, but you need to invest your own money for it.

There are plenty of reliable websites to purchase diamonds in mobile legends. But be careful while picking the site because some of them can turn out to be a scam.

You can also redeem a google play card or iTunes card and pay for your diamond. If you have your card details, purchasing diamonds directly is the most convenient way.

Above mentioned are the most used ways to earn diamonds in MLBB. It’s all up to you.

Either you try your luck in lucky spin, invest your money to top up, or earn by live streaming. However, never try to go against the system of the game by doing any unusual activities.


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