Best Builds in Mobile Legends (Defense-2021)- Top 5

Best Builds in Mobile Legends (Defense)- Top

What are Builds in Mobile Legends?

Mobile Legends Bang Bang offers players different items that can enhance the damage and defense of the hero in the game. Out of many available things, players are allowed to use only 5 items during the match.

However, players can freely sell their items and buy a new one according to the situation in the game. All the 5 items you purchase and use during the match to improve your hero’s performance are combinedly called build.

There are two types of Builds- The Offensive Build and the Defensive Build. Here, we’ll be talking only about the build for defense in Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

While offensive builds help to increase the physical or magical damage of the heroes, defensive builds enhance the resistance of heroes to the Physical or Magical attacks. Below is the list of a few Defense items, which you might find helpful during the match.

Top 5 Defensive Builds in Mobile Legends

1) Thunder Belt

If you are looking for a build that enhances your offense and defense capability in MLBB, then Thunder Belt can be the best pick for you.

This item provides a hero with extra HP, improves HP regeneration, body armor, as well as True Damage to uplift your physical attack by 40% after using the hero’s passive.

Moreover, this item also slows down the enemy by 40-80%, but this effect has a cooldown of 1.5 seconds.

2) Athena’s Shield

Mages can be troublesome because of their high magical damage output. To counter the magic damage in the mobile legends, the hero must build resistivity to magical attacks.

Athena’s Shield is one of the best items in the game to make your hero durable midst of magical attacks. This item not only provides a magical defense to a hero, but it also provides them with an additional shield.

3) Oracle

Oracle is one of the best items in MLBB to improve the HP regeneration ability of the hero. This item can help you get out of a dangerous situation if your health significantly drops during the fight by providing 8% of HP for 4 seconds. However, this ability has a Cool-down of 6 seconds.

4) Dominance Ice

Best Builds in Mobile Legends: Dominance Ice

Dominance Ice is the most suitable item for tanky heroes in MLBB. This item grants the additional Mana and armor to the hero and makes them durable in the team-fight.

Moreover, this item also has a slight slowing down ability, which makes it even more useful. Not to mention, this item also possesses the ability to reduce the HP generation effect of the enemy heroes.

5) Immortality

Mobile Legends Immortality

Immortality is the most popular and OP defense item in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. As the name says, this item makes the hero immortal by granting them new life after their death.

However, the HP of the hero reincarnated from the ability of Immortality is only 15% Hp accompanied by a small amount of shield. The only drawback of this item is that it has a cooldown effect of around 200 seconds.


Here ends the list of Top 5 Defensive Builds in Mobile Legends Bang Bang(MLBB). Remember that you should change build items according to the situation on the MLBB battlefield.

Every item cannot always provide the best output in all circumstances. So, it is better to experiment with these items as much as possible to master their abilities.


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