How to get characters in COD mobile? Free and CP methods

How to get characters in COD mobile?

There isn’t any difference between default and expensive characters in COD mobile. Neither do they have the special ability nor do they contribute to defeating the opponents.

But also, the player eagerly wants to get all the characters in their loadout section only to show off in the lobby and matches.

Whenever you enter the battlefield by equipping a rare character skin, you look unique than the other. Your opponents and squad will pay attention to you with appreciation and respect.

The use of a new and attractive character proves the player remains active in the game, and he\she is pro.

So, the biggest achievement of every CODM(Call of duty mobile) player is to unlock all the rear character skins either for free or by CP.

How to get free characters in COD mobile

1) Draw lucky coupon

The lucky board is a draw offer where players can obtain a dozen free prizes and a character. But to draw the board player has to make lucky coupons by watching ads for about 30 seconds.

So, either from the draw or in the store, you can unlock the Russian Mera character.

But, if your luck doesn’t support the lucky draw, you can also buy the same character using the 500 lucky coins in the store.

Note:- The chance of getting lucky coins is high. So, watch ads, make lucky coupons-Draw and make 500 coins to redeem the character.

2) Visit credit shop and redeem

Ruin-Jaguar character: Unlock for free in COD mobile

The credit shop is the best place to get free characters skins in COD mobile without spending CP coins.

In the shop, players can unlock characters like Charly-wolves, Ruin-Jaguar, Caption-Ghost, Vasquez-Digital desert, Special Ops5- Liquid mercury, Caption BDU, Merc2-Lunar tide, Outrider-Cyberline, Merc1-Persisted by spending 6000 credits.

Moreover, characters like special ops3-artic, Battery-Arctic, special ops5-Dead zebra require 3000 C points to unlock.

Therefore, if you have a lot of C coins, you can obtain these characters for free in CODM(Call of duty mobile).

3) Visit clan shop and redeem

Ronin character in COD mobile

If you have a lot of clan points, you can redeem them to get the character for free. In the clan store, you will find some special heroes such as Farah-Jinn, Firebreak, Ronin.

And to unlock these characters, you have to buy their 100 shards that cost 500 clan points for each.

How to purchase characters with CP in CODM

1) Purchase and open crates

The counterfeit, Dystopian, and Sigma crates are the best sources to unlock new rear characters in COD mobile. Players can purchase these crates from the store spending CP, and each box contains at least one character.
(I) Go to store
(II) Tap on crates
(III) Buy crates and open them.

2) Update Battlepass

In each season, the game brings new characters as a battlepass reward. So, if you update the cod mobile battlepass, you will get some crates by upgrading your tier within a season.

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