Best Attachments of M4 in COD Mobile: Gunsmith Guide

Best Attachments of M4 in COD Mobile: Gunsmith Guide

The objective of the player is to get both wins and high kills. But the wrong gun choice or attachments might give you either kills or victory or neither of them. Another perfect weapon on Cod mobile is M4, and if you loadout this weapon with its best attachments, you can rock the battleground. Here are the best loadouts of M4 to get no recoil in CODM:

Best Muzzle: RTC Light Muzzle Brake

The RTC light Muzzle Brake is one of the best muzzle attachments of the M4 in Call of Duty Mobile. Although the ADS features are affected, you can control the gun to boost the accuracy. This attachment strengthens the lightness of M4 and makes up recoil with 10% on average.

Best Barrel: OWC Ranger

You can repair the lost ADS ability of the M4 gun with the OWC ranger barrel. In addition, this attachment loadout on M4 reduces recoil by an average of 10%.

Moreover, you can increase the damage range of your gun with the OWC Ranger attachment. It is the best choice.

Best Stock: MIP Strike Stock

MIP Strike is one of the best stock attachments of M4 in CoD Mobile as it gives you double benefits. Firstly, it makes you stable as it reduces the hit flinch of M4, and secondly, the bullet spread decreases.

However, the negative effect of this attachment on M4 is it reduces the movement speed but don’t worry, as you have more advantages.

Best Underbarrel: Ranger Foregrip

The Ranger Foregrip as an Underbarrel attachment best suits an M4 in call of duty mobile. With this loadout, your M4 gun will get less recoil and ADS bullet spread.

Best Ammunition: 40 Round Extended Mag

You must use the mag on M4 as it has a high fire rate, and you will not know when the bullet gets depleted. So, the 40-round is the best ammunition choice as it reduces movement and reloads speed with a minor percentage.

Other attachments

The other best attachments for M4 weapons in CODM are:
1. Best Rear Grip: Granulated Grip Tape
2. Best Perk: Full Ammo
3. Best Laser: RTC Laser 1mW
4. Best Optic: Your Choice