How to get a lot of BP XP in COD mobile fast to level up the Battlepass?

How to get a lot of BP XP in COD mobile fast to level up the Battlepass?

The BP XP is the only thing in COD mobile to level up battlepass-The faster you make BP XP, the faster the level increases.

Call of duty mobile brings new battlepass rewards for both free and premium users in each season. The premium pass players can unlock mythic, legendary weapons, CP, and other items for free by increasing the battlepass level.

But players without premium passes get rewards, excluding some rare skins and CP. So, whatever you have, you shouldn’t ignore the BP rewards. But try to collect the BP points and claim the reward as fast as you can. Otherwise, you will not get them again as a free offer.

How to get a lot of BP XP in COD mobile fast

1. Get more kills in matches.

Kill XP in call of duty mobile

You can play multiplayer, BR, Zombies mode in CODM- If you succeed in getting high kills in anyone, you will get a lot of BP XP. For example, if you get 16 kills in multiplayer, you will get about 640 XP. Similarly, you will get about 400 XP if you kill 5 enemies in the call of duty mobile BR.

2. Survive longer

Survival BP xp in COD mobile

Surviving for a long time in a match is a great way to make more than a thousand BP XP fast in COD mobile. So, don’t let your enemy kill you if you don’t have good skills in getting kills-Just try to survive. For example, If you long last until the BR ends, you will get more than 2000 BP points in a single match.

3. Join a clan and play matches

If you are playing the match without being an owner or a member of a clan, then you are missing a lot of battlepass XP. There are two benefits of being a part of the clan- Firstly, you can play clan wars. Secondly, you will get an additional BP XP as a reward in every match.

Therefore, join a clan or make a clan, then play matches to increase your battlepass level quickly in CODM(Call of duty mobile).

4. Play with friend

1st place in the CODM match

Playing with friends is full of fun, and also it’s the best way to get bonus XP in all matches. So, before you start, invite your friend to play with you. Make best friends and play together.

5. Play featured matches

Featured match in COD mobile

In the right-down corner, you will see a featured option. It is the best mode to earn BP points for upgrading battlepass in CODM(Call of duty mobile).

The featured match is fun to play also the best mode to complete some rewarding tasks. So, tap on featured, and play.

6. Complete daily missions

The daily missions also give 2500 BP points every day as a reward in COD mobile. So, you have to visit the daily mission and complete all the tasks to claim BP points and other daily gifts.

7. Win the matches

Win the match in COD mobile to get BP XP

The win is also a factor that determines how many Battlepass XP you will get in a match. For example, if you win the battle royale match, you will get more than 500 XP.

But if you lose, you will not get the winning points as a bonus. Therefore, play to win every match if you want to increase battlepass level quickly.

How to level up a tier in CODM(Call of duty mobile)?

In a one battlepass season, you can max out your tier level up to 150 in call of duty mobile(CODM). So, the only way to increase the tier level is, collect a lot of BP XP.

Which mode is best to increase Battlepass level fast in COD mobile?

Multiplayer domination mode is best to make a lot of BP XP points in COD mobile to level up battlepass quickly. In the domination match, you have to kill enemies. And you have to capture their area by standing on the red circle for 10 seconds.

The BR match is also best to get more XP, but it’s time-consuming- MP matches are a short comparison to BR.

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