Best AK-47 Attachments in CoD Mobile: Gunsmith Guide

Best AK-47 Attachments in CoD Mobile: Gunsmith Guide

AK47 is one of the most preferred assault rifles in Call of duty mobile. Whether it is multiplayer or battle royale mode, player pick this gun to dominate the battle because of its impressive abilities. The player can upgrade the AK-47 rifle to max 54 levels in CoD mobile to unlock its attachments and other features.

Is AK47 good for short-range battles?

Generally, assault rifles are best for long-range battles in CoD mobile; however, the AK47 also performs well in short-range battles. Whether the enemy is wandering in the open ground or camping in a secret location, the AK47 can knock him down from a short and long distance.

If the situation is critical, you should not use ads while using the AK47 to save your time. Overall if you can master the AK47 from the Multiplayer matches, you can also use it for a short-range fight.

Best AK-47 attachments in Cod Mobile

Whether you play AK-47 in CODM Battleroyale(BR) or Multiplayer(MP), these attachments will work perfectly for you:

1. Monolithic Suppressor

The monolithic suppressor as an AK-47 muzzle attachment will make you silent and more damage-taker. It will decrease the sound effect of your gun so you can remain undetected even though you fire bullets. However, this attachment might make the gun slow, and you will feel somewhat difficult to control the recoil of the AK-47 in Call of duty mobile.

2. MIP Light Barrel(Short)

This attachment on AK-47 will increase the ADS time, movement speed, and ADS speed so you will feel like no recoil. You can control your gun smoothly with this AK-47 loadout in CoD mobile.

3. YKM Combat Stock

It is one of best stock attachments for AK-47 to kill your enemy faster in the Multiplayer and battle royale modes in COD Mobile. However, this might affect ADS bullet speed, Hit Flinch, and recoil, but the above attachments will make up everything.

4. Owc Laser -Tactical

It will optimize the AK-47 loadout in CODM and makes you more accurate and quick. So, if you use AK-47 in MP games, use this attachment.

5. Perk: Situational

If you play AK-47 in MP mode, sleight of hand will be the best perk as it will reduce the reload time; however, in the battle royale mode, full ammo would be best.

6. Extended Mag A

This attachment will not make your gun heavy, providing sufficient bullet storage. So, Extended Mag A is better than Mag B.

7. Rubberized Grip Tape

It is the perfect Rear Grip attachment loadout for AK-47 to control recoil and increase the gun’s accuracy.

8. Ranger Foregrip

The best underbarrel for AK-47 is Ranger Foregrip. This attachment might make your gun heavier, but it will give you zero recoil feeling in the MP and BR.

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