Best AK-47 Skins in COD Mobile: Top 10 Collection

Best AK-47 Skins in COD Mobile

You are already an AK-47 lover in CoD Mobile, and if you want to know about its best skins, then here is the top 10 list:

1. AK-47 Woodland Strife

AK-47 Woodland Strife: CoD mobile Mythic skin

Woodland Strife is one of the epic skins of the AK-47 in Call of Duty Mobile, which was released in season 11. Players, at that time, unlocked the Woodland strife by opening Amphibious Assault Crate.

This variant of Ak-47 in CODM looks like a weapon of pirates taken from deep oceans. You might remember how demanding it was during its release, and still, it is.

2. AK-47 Freight Train

AK-47 Freight Train

Freight Train is one of the rare AK-47 skins in CoD mobile that was released in Vagabond Seasonal season 10. The Special feature of this cosmetic is appearance which looks unique and eye-catching.

3. AK-47 Red Action

AK-47 Red Action

The reward of battle pass season 1, Red Action, is the epic skin of Ak-47 in CODM. The player unlocked this cosmetic from the battle pass crate. Unlike other epic gun cosmetics, this provides the AK-47 with a special kill effect and broader firing range. Also, it is a rare skin of AK-47 in Call of Duty mobile.

4. AK-47 Wrath Black & Gold

AK-47 Wrath Black & Gold

The Wrath Black & Gold is one of the legendary skins of AK-47 in CoD mobile that came in the game in season 10, and the player unlocked this skin from the blade and blossom draw. The best thing about this best skin is its attractive appearance and kill broadcast effect. You are lucky if you have it in your inventory.

5. AK-47 Pumpkin Head

AK-47 Pumpkin Head

Another best legendary AK-47 skin in this list is Pumpkin head which is the reward of the Halloween lucky draw. The attraction point of this cool-looking skin is its kill broadcast effect and ability to fire bullets long distance.

6. AK-47 Year of OX

AK-47 Year of OX: CoD mobile Epic skin

Who would not like such skin? One of the best epic skins of AK-47 in COD mobile, Year of OX, was the reward of the Lunar New year crate. It is one of the royal-looking cosmetics of the AK-47 that gives you appreciation from friends and foes.

7. AK-47 Steel Blue

AK-47 Steel Blue: CoD mobile Rare skin

Another rarest AK-47 skin is steel blue, which came in season 5, and players unlocked it by unboxing the fearless soldier crate. The special feature of the steel blue cosmetic of the AK-47 is its kill effect and the broader firing range. If you have this skin, you might be rocking on the battleground.

8. AK-47 Kuromaku

 AK-47 Kuromaku

Another AK-47 attractive legendary skin on this list is Kuromaku; the player unlocked this cosmetic from the blade and blossom draw in season 3. It is a cool-looking rare cosmetic of AK-47 in CODM.

9. AK-47 Side Scale

AK-47 Side Scale

Side Scale is also a rare cosmetic of an AK-47 gun in Call of Duty mobile. It came in the season 3 featured event. Players want to have this skin because of its dashing appearance.

10. AK-47 Radiance

AK-47 Radiance

The Radiance is one of the best mythic skins of AK-47 in CoD mobile, and this skin was available on the Ultraviolet Mythic drop. The attachments for this shining AK-47 radiance skin are Large Ext Mag B, MiP Strike Stock, MiP Laser 5mW, GRU Combo Grip, and Stippled Grip Tape.

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