Rarest Characters in Cod Mobile: Top 7

Rarest Characters in Cod Mobile

Indeed, playing with the new characters in call of duty mobile gives the best satisfaction and goodwill to the players. The rare character is, the more fun player gets in the battle royale and multiplayer mode. Therefore, here are the rarest CoD mobile characters unlocked by only a few players, and if you are among them, you are rocking in the battleground.

1. Spectre T3

Spectre T3: A mythic character in Cod Mobile

You are lucky if you have unlocked the Spectre T3 in call of duty mobile, as it is one of the rarest mythic character skins in the game. This bluish-animated robot spectre T3 is the first ever mythic character in the CoD mobile, and players of that time got this skin from the cosmic traveler draw in season 10. Few players have this skin in their inventory.

2. Reaper- Ashura

Reaper- Ashura: A legendary character

The flying robot, Reaper Ashura, is the best legendary character in CODM, and players unlocked this skin from the Ashura draw in season 7. It is one of the stylish character cosmetics; players having this one in the battleground gets appreciation even from their opponents.

3. Nikto – Dark Side

Nikto - Dark Side character

The first legendary and one of the rarest characters in CoD mobile is Nikto Dark side. This character came into the game in 12, and players unlocked it from the new dark side lucky draw. The appearance of red-animated cosmetics, Nikto, looks much more attractive and outstanding.

4. Dark Shepherd- Artic Death

Dark Shepherd- Artic Death: Rarest COD mobile character

Whatever you call mythic or legendary, the Dark Shepherd character has the feature of both categories. This character was the surprise of season 9, and players unlocked it by spinning cold embrace mythic in Call of duty mobile. Everything is unique about its appearance; that dreadful outfit and those wings.

5. Gunzo- Devil Jester

Gunzo- Devil Jester: Dreadful character in CODM

The Devil Jester is one of the rare spookiest legendary characters in COD mobile that came in season 10, and the player unlocked it from the unhinged jokester draw.

Also, it is the most demanding character of that time, and still, it is. The Gunzo Devil Jester might look like a joker; however, he can take an opponent’s soul out of their body.

6. Phantom – Osiris

Phantom - Osiris in call of duty mobile: Rare Character

Thanks to CODM as it allowed players to ride a historical Egyptian mummy on the battleground. The Phantom Osiris is one of the best legendary characters in COD Mobile that everybody wants to get, but, unfortunately, it is a rare cosmetic in the game. Players unlocked it from the crown of kings draws.

7. Sophia – Errant Knight

Sophia - Errant Knight: Legendary female character in Cod Mobile

The final best but rarest skin in this list is Errant Knight, one of the legendary characters in CODM. Players unlocked the Sophia from the Revenger draw. The appearance of this hero is outstanding, which suits the female players.

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