Best and Rare Skins of M13 in Cod Mobile

Best and Rare Skins of M13 in Cod Mobile

M13 is the assault rifle in Call of duty mobile, and the player picks this gun to compete in the short-range and long-range battles in the battleground. However, this gun is more famous in the multiplayer(MP) modes as it is best to get more kills and victory. Also, the Cod mobile has introduced different attractive skins of M13, but among them, most are rare. Only a few players have unlocked the M13 skins, which I will mention in this article. Let’s continue:

1. M13 Vegan Warrior

M13 Vegan Warrior

The Vegan Warrior has such a look that can force every player to have it in their inventory, but it is the rarest skin of M13. It is one of the epic cosmetics of the M13 assault rifle that only real fans have got. Players unlocked the M13 Vegan warrior gun by unboxing the lead sandwich luck box when it was released.

2. M13- Morningstar

M13- Morningstar Cod mobile

The morningstar is one of the best-ever released Mythic skins of the M13 gun in COMD, which is rare in the game. Only a few players lands in the battleground with cosmetics. Players unlocked the M13 Morningstar gun from the Domination mythic drop when it was released.

3. M13 Carrot Cutie

M13 Carrot Cutie

It will be the latest skin of M13, going to release in the Call of duty mobile. This pink-animated carrot cutie cosmetic of M13 will be another mythic skin in the game. Players are waiting to unlock the Carrot cutie with full dedication.

4. M13 Luminal Flare

M13 Luminal Flare: CoD mobile rare skin

The Luminal Flare is one of the rare legendary skins of M13 in COD mobile you might want to have due to its outstanding shine and appearance. Players unlocked the Luminal Flare from heaven’s Lance draw when it was released in the game.

Overall, there are other skins of M13, but I listed those most attractive and precious. These are the best items that will level up the goodwill of your profile and domination in the battleground.