How to get free crates in COD mobile and how to open them?

How to get free crates in COD mobile?

The crates contain free skins, cards, frames, characters, legendary items in COD mobile. Also, you can say crate is a surprise box that gives you the best rewards if you open it.

The rewards are random- Only you can unlock legendary and mythic items with a high chance if you have good luck or you open a lot of crates.

How to get Free crates in COD mobile

1. Pay the featured match and complete tasks.

Free crate reward in COD mobile

In the event section, you will get a featured option that includes 10 missions.

If you succeed in completing all these tasks, you will get a free crate. So, tap in the event option, go to feature, and click GO to finish the mission.

Furthermore, inside the featured section, you can also claim crates by reading the comics on call of duty mobile.

Note, the game doesn’t always bring a crate as a featured match reward. But if you see it on the reward card, don’t miss the chance.

2. Finish daily tasks

The daily task is one of the best ways to get a free crate in CODM every day.

To claim all gifts, you have to score 50 points- Each task gives 10 points after completion. So, if you finish all 5 daily missions, you will get a crate for sure.

3. Check out system mail.

After completing the achievements, COD Mobile sends free crates and other gifts in the system mail. You will get ranked reward, bonus, compensation reward.

Therefore, keep playing the game, and whenever you see the notification in the mailbox, check it out.- most of the time, you will get a crate.

How can you open a crate in CODM?

The opening crate is an exciting work in this game- You don’t know what will come out of it.

So, if you have collected a lot of crates in Call of duty mobile(CODM), you can open them using these steps:
(I) Go to the loadout option
(II) On the right side, tap on the inventory option.
(III) Select the crate and tap on the open option.

You can also buy the crates from the store by spending CP. The cost of a Dystopian crate, sigma crate, colossus crate, license revoked crate, Deranged marionette crate is 40 CP, but if you buy 10 crates, you will get it for 360 CP.

Similarly, the price of a mythic card crate is 70 CP and 630 CP for 10 crates in call of duty mobile(CODM). The price keeps changing.

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