Most Underrated heroes in Dota 2 in 2022

Most Underrated heroes in Dota 2 in 2022

This article lists the most underrated Dota 2 heroes that are good in the current 2022 Meta.

Dota 2 has a large pool of heroes that players can choose from, and every year new hero arrives in this game. Currently, there are over 121 heroes that players can choose from. Even though the game has such a wide range of heroes that players can choose from, some heroes get picked more often than others.

(This list is for Dota 2 heroes analyzing pub games and the latest official hero picking usage rate. It is done so, because there is a wide gap between the pub Meta and professional Meta.)

Top 5 Most Underrated Dota 2 heroes:

1. Night Stalker (5.76%)

Night Stalker has been a very good strong offlaner since the early days of Dota. He is a relatively easy hero to play and master. This hero does not need a lot of items to make an impact in the game as he has a relative food amount of health pool, attack damage, and attack speed.

Most Dota 2 players in lower brackets like a herald, archon don’t know how to counter Night stalker as this hero is not much picked often. Night Stalker has a win rate of 51.73%.

2. Slardar (6.94%)

Slader hero in Dota 2

Despite being a Powerful Dota 2 hero, Slardar has a surprisingly low pick rate of 6.94%. Slardar is oflaner or a safe lane hyper-carry. With a blink dagger, slardar can initiate and pick the back liner supports as he has an active stun and passive stun.

Slardar is an easy-to-play hero and has a good amount of damage and attack speed, but he is an underrated hero right now. Currently, Slardar has a win rate of 49.16%.

3. Terror Blade (3.02%)

Terror Blade is an agility hyper carry with a lot of base damage. His ability allows him to create illusions and swap health. Also, transform into a ranged mode where he has more base damage.

When playing terror blade, players should focus on taking the game to the late game, as terror blade is a hyper carry in the late game.

Terror Blade users should also try to take fights only after refreshing his abilities. At this time, he turns intense. Currently, the win rate of Terror blade is 45.76%.

4. Omni Knight (2.68%)

Omniknight is most underrated hero in Dota 2

Omni knight is a tank semi support hero in Dota 2 with abilities that are good for assisting his teammates, but he is one of the highly underrated heroes. His skills allow him to help his side lanner in the lane by providing him with healing and magic immunity.

Omni knight players can build items such as Mana Boots, Pipes of Insight that benefit the whole team. So, Omni Knight is a good counter against current pick right clicker heroes, such as Sven and Ursa. He has a win rate of 53.15%, which is one of the highest in Dota 2.

5. Dark seer (2.91%)

Dark seer hero in Dota2

Although Dark seer was a Common pick in professional games around 2-3 years ago. It is slowly changed as it had nerfed, and its pick usage had dropped dramatically.

However, some Dota 2 pro teams like OG are gradually picking Dark Seer hero back again. This hero is the best counter against right-clicker heroes, especially against those who lack stuns. Also, this hero is the best back liner and supporter in team fights. This hero currently has a win rate of 51.63%