How to get M416-Fool Skin in Pubg Mobile?

How to get M416-Fool Skin in Pubg Mobile?

If you ask Pubg mobile/BGMI players about their best gun choice, they will say M416-fool skin(Jocker Skin). It is because, firstly, the M416 fool is upgradable skin. This skin has different best features such as attractive kill effect, elimination broadcast, fool surprise, and Special loot crate.

Secondly, the M416 fool is the rarest skin like a glacier. You might know this skin doesn’t come from time to time in the game. It mainly arrives at special events or occasions like anniversary time. Also, even though it is available, you will need good luck to obtain it.

Players can obtain M416 fool (Jocker skin) by opening a new crate, called costume crate, as the fourth anniversary is on the way.

Short description about M416 fool skin

2Kill Effect402
5Final form705
6Fool’s surprise806
7Loot crate1007

So, you can see each level unlocks new features. But, firstly, you need to get this skin from Pubg mobile custom crate.

After you unlock M416 fool skin, be sure you have enough resources to upgrade it as it requires 27 materials and 207 paints to max out.

How to unlock Pubg Mobile M416-Fool skin

(Step 1): Firstly, go to the crate section and tap on the Custom crate.
(NOTE: You can ban some of the unwanted items from custom crates using AG currency.)

Pubg Mobile M416-Fool skin

(I) Tap on Ban Option.
(II) Now, ban items you don’t want to unlock from the crate. By doing so, the chance of getting fool skin will increase.

You can ban any 6 items from the mythic collection, 10 items from the legendary, and 10 from the epic. But be sure you have enough AG currency in your Pubg mobile inventory, else you will need a lot of UC to obtain M416-fool Skin.

(Step 2): Now, after banning unnecessary items, open the crate. The price of the crate opening is 60UC for one time open and 54UC for 10 times.

(It all depends upon your luck, but with the help of AG, you can increase the chance. GOOD LUCK!!)

How to get Anniversary-UMP45 in Pubg Mobile?

Pubg Mobile Anniversary-UMP45

(Step 1): Go to the crate section and go to Pubg mobile Luck crate.
(In this crate, you can see many rewards with UMP45 skin, such as anniversary Mirado, anniversary set, Unicorn set, and many more.)

(Step 2): Now, open the crate by sending your UC. 50UC for one time open and 450UC for 10 times.

(You have to open more and more crates to get Anniversary UMP45 skin in Pubg mobile. The more crates you open, the chance will go up.)