MLBB Heroes with highest lifesteal ability- Top 7 collection

MLBB Heroes with highest lifesteal ability- Top 7 collection

In MLBB, there are varieties, heroes with unique abilities, but in this article, I will list out those who have the highest lifesteal.

In Mobile Legends, lifesteal is a term that represents the HP stealing mechanic of the game. It means when a hero attacks a hero/minion/jungle monster, the hero gets some HP in return.

There are two types of lifesteal in MLBB; physical lifesteal and magic lifesteal. Physical lifesteal applies to fighters, Marksmen, and assassins that deal physical damage, and magic lifesteal applies to heroes that deal magic damage.

Top 7 heroes with the highest lifesteal in MLBB:

1. Ruby

Ruby is a fighter who is mainly known for her lifesteal. She is also known as the queen of lifesteal in MLBB. You can pick her as a fighter and a tank as she has 2 CC skills. With the relevant items and emblem, she is almost unbeatable. Ruby also gets some physical and magical defense every time she uses a skill. Here is the best build you should go for Ruby that consists of main items like bloodlust axe, war axe, Haas’s claws, and Queen’s wings.

Best Lifesteal hero in MLBB: Ruby's best build

The best emblem for Ruby is the fighter emblem with the second talent festival of blood that gives her an extra spell vamp after every kill, and this means she gets more lifesteal.

2. Fanny

Fanny is an assassin and a very hard hero to kill, and what makes her hard to kill is her high lifesteal ability. She deals very High damage right from the start and is a very mobile hero. Fanny can use her second skill to cast cables onto walls and move quickly. While doing this, she can hit enemies on the way.

Using the cables properly, she can hit multiple enemies and get lifesteal. The main build items of Fanny in MLBB are the Bloodlust axe, war axe, and anti-curass, and using the fighter emblem with the talent festival of blood is best for her.

The best build for Fanny in MLBB

3. Balmond

Balmond is another best MLBB Lifestealer hero on this list. If the enemy lacks CC skills, then he is almost immortal. His best source of damage and lifesteal comes from his second skill and ultimate, which can hit multiple enemies at once.

Best Build of Balmond in Mobile Legends

The main build items of Balmond are the bloodlust axe, war axe, and hunter strike. Moreover, you can play Balmond with the fighter emblem with the talent festival of blood or the assassins emblem with the talent killing spree.

Best Emblem of Balmond in MLBB

4. Sun

Sun is also one of the MLBB heroes with the highest lifesteal, and he is Especially known for taking down the lord very quickly. The reason is that he relies on attack speed items and basic attacks for his lifesteal.

Sun is also one of the MLBB heroes with the highest lifesteal.

Unlike other Mobile legends fighters, Sun’s lifesteal comes from his Basic attacks, not his skills. He also does not use a bloodlust axe like other fighters. For the Sun, the best build items are Corrosion Scythe, War axe, and Demon hunter sword, and you can play him with the fighter emblem with the Disabling Strike talent or the assassin emblem with killing spree talent.

5. Gatotkaca

Gatotkaca is a very tough tank. Not only is he tanky, but this hero also has a magic lifesteal in Mobile Legends. How it works is- when he takes damage, then the bar above his head fills up slowly. When he basic attacks and bar becomes red, he smacks any minion/hero/creep to gain HP. Gototkaca also does more damage with this basic attack. Because of these things, he is hard to kill.

Best build for lifesteal hero Gatotkaca in MLBB

The best build items of Gototkaca are a cursed helmet, concentrated energy, and an oracle. Similarly, Gototkaca is best with tank emblem with the talent Concussive Blast.

Best emblem for Gatotkaca in Mobile Legends

6. Esmeralda

Esmeralda is a mage/tank hero known as a shield eater. She absorbs the enemy shields and converts all those shields into her own HP. Heroes that generate shields are just foods for this girl. That is why whenever players talk about the best lifestealer heroes in Mobile legends, Esmeralds also come into their minds.

Esmeralda's best build in MLBB

Esmeralda is best built tanky with items oracle, Bruteforce breastplate, and a mana regeneration item enchanted talisman. Similarly, Esmeralda is best played with support emblem with talent Avarice.

Esmeralda's best emblem

7. Moskov

Moskov is a marksman hero who heavily relies on his highest attack speed and lifesteal in Mobile Legends battle. He is a little weak in the early game like other Marksmen, but in the late game, he is a monster. Unlike other heroes, his first skill dashes and increases his attack speed for a while. He is also one of the fastest attacking marksmen in MLBB.

Best Build for Moskov hero in MLBB

The main build items of Moskov are Scarlet phantom, endless battle, and Berserker’s fury. Also, Moskov is best played with the spell inspire and the Marksmen emblem with the talent electro flash.

Moskov's best emblem pick in Mobile legends

Some Related Questions

  • Why are not other Marksmen like Irithel, Lesley, Bruno included in this list?

Other Marksmen other than moscov do not highly depend on lifesteal that much. MLBB heroes like Lesley and Bruno depend on damaged items like Blade of despair and malefic roar rather than lifesteal items. They are best with items that increase their physical damage.

  • Why are not Uranus, Hilda, and Gloo on this list even they regen HP?

The Mobile Legends heroes like Uranus, Hilda, Gloo are not lifestealer. The mechanics that these heroes run are different. Uranus gains his HP back because of his passive, and gloo gains HP only during his ultimate. Hilda also regains her HP in the bush. These heroes do not need to attack enemies to regain HP in the battle.